God created man and woman out of love and commanded them to imitate His love in their relations with each other. By their marriage, the couple witnesses Christ’s spousal love for the Church. Through this liturgical celebration of marriage, husband and wife enter into a covenant which is also a Sacrament.

If you would like more information about Holy Matrimony, contact the Parish Office at 6567 3866.



  • Confirm with the priest that he is free to preside at the wedding and that the church is available on the selected date.
    Do this at least six months in advance. The priest who agrees to officiate at your wedding will be the one to make the booking of the church in our system.
  • Once the date is confirmed, complete and return the Wedding Booking Form to the Parish Office together with a refundable deposit of $500.
    You can download the form below or get a copy from the Parish Office.
  • The Archdiocese requires couples to attend the Marriage Preparation Course or the Catholic Engaged Encounter at least FOUR (4) months before the wedding.
    Places are limited, so please make enquiries six months to a year ahead. Details are available at www.catholic.org.sg/mpc and www.ceespore.mx.sg
  • You will also need to apply to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) for permission to marry, if you are not already married at the Registry.
    ROM requires at least 21 days’ notice to grant the approval/license.
  • Fix a date for an interview with the priest and bring along the following documents:
    1. Birth certificates and NRICs/Passports of both parties
    2. Baptismal Certificates from church(es) of baptism, issued within the past 6 months
    3. Full names, NRIC/Passport number(s) and contact number(s) of 2 witnesses
    4. Certificate of Marriage (if previously registered at ROM)
    5. Certificate of Completion of Engaged Encounter Weekend or Marriage Preparation Course In addition, copies of the following documents are required

      In addition, if applicable, copies of the following documents are required:
    6. Certificate(s) of any other previous marriage(s)
    7. Certificate(s) of any previous divorce(s)
    8. Certificate(s) of death of previous spouse(s)
    9. Medical statement of present condition of pregnancy
  • Couples will need to attend a Wedding Liturgy Preparation Session at least FOUR (4) months before the wedding.
    Contact Geraldine Cheong ( cheong.geraldine@gmail.com ) or Charles Chan ( charles.chan.sg@gmail.com ) for the Wedding Liturgy Preparation Session.
  • As a Catholic, you are required to baptise and bring up your children in the Catholic faith.
    In a mixed marriage, the Catholic party would be required to undertake this obligation. The non-Catholic party would have to sign that he/she understands the obligation undertaken by the Catholic party.
  • For the wedding, Catholic couples normally celebrate their marriage within a Mass. In a mixed marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, a Wedding Service without Mass is advised.
    A wedding mass can be celebrated on any weekday subject to availability of the priest and the church. 
    Wedding masses are currently not permitted on Sundays. Come Advent 2016 however, where both partners are Catholic, couples wishing to get married at St Mary of the Angels may like to consider having their wedding solemnized within the usual parish Sunday liturgy. This act of witnessing to the People of God does mean that the focus of the celebration will be on your Sacrament being an avenue to minister to the parish family rather than be simply focussed on a private celebration of one’s love. For more details, please send an email to the parish priest.



Please refer to the Wedding Booking Form for details of expenses.



Our Church Sacristan Ladies are experienced in creating lovely floral arrangements for weddings. Please consult with Ms Teresa Pang through the Parish Office at parish@stmary.sg or at 6567 3866 well in advance of your wedding.



To help you in preparing wedding booklets for your guests, you will find a good selection of prayers, scripture readings, the Marriage Rite, etc. in the book Together for Life by Fr Joseph Champlin which is available for sale at the Church Piety Shop.



You are welcome to use the church for a rehearsal before your wedding. Please contact the Parish Office at 6567 3866 to make a booking for an appropriate date and time.



Traditionally, an offering is given to the minister for his services in preparing and presiding at the wedding.



If you have your own musicians, arrangements can be made for them to have a short practice on the church keyboard. Otherwise, you may wish to contact the choir coordinators who may be able to assist you. A donation of $200 is requested for the service of the choir.

Choir Wedding Representatives:

You may arrange for your own choir. Non-Church choirs may only make use of the keyboard. If you wish to have a Church choir sing, please contact one of the following at least FOUR (4) months in advance:

• Angela Ang (angela.ang64@gmail.com)

• Charles Chan (charles.chan.sg@gmail.com)

• Ethan Hsu (tedeumlaudamus1045@gmail.com)

• Arman Ardiente (armanf.ardiente@yahoo.com)

• Chris Pereira (whitechrisp16@gmail.com)



Please note that in order to maintain respect for the sacred spaces, photographers may not enter the Sanctuary / Altar area. If you wish to continue photo taking in the church grounds after the wedding, please ensure that the bridal cars are cleared from the church entrance to facilitate the arrival of the next bridal party.



If you wish to use St Clare Hall or the Canteen for your wedding reception, please make your booking at least 1 month in advance.
Please refer to the Wedding Booking Form for details of donations. Terms and conditions apply.





Email the Parish Office at parish@stmary.sg
Call the Parish Office at 6567 3866 during office hours.

Office hours:

Mon-Fri  9am – 5.30pm
Sat 9am – 12.30pm
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Sun 9am – 1.30pm

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