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Musings: Friar Clifford Augustine, OFM

Staying Focused

I heard on the radio about Generation Alpha. These are people who are born into an already technologically advanced world. They are the ones who will be totally comfortable with the use of technology. And precisely because of technology, like self-driven cars, this Generation Alpha will have more time on their hands. Hence, they can afford to be creative. Generation Alpha, it seems may be able to produce more than the previous generations.

The flip side – and I think we can guess what that is already – they will be socially unable to interact well with others. Their tech world is their social interaction, and not with other human beings. And their attention spans will be short.

How scientific this is, I do not know. But we do see glimpses of this around us. Kids staring at their phones and not interacting with others. Often I have walked into the sacristy, and the altar servers would be playing with their phones, and no one would so much as look up and offer me a greeting. And when I point this out to them, they would give me the ‘so?’ look. And then continue their relations with their gadgets.

I suppose we are getting used to this. It is like a losing battle. Walking around the church before Mass starts, I often see many people, not only the Generation Alpha children, using their phones while waiting for Mass to start. It is as if we do not know what to do with our time while we wait for “God to show up”!

In the month of November, while the Church focuses on praying for the dead, we also focus on our own time here on earth and prepare for our end. And what do we do while waiting for God to show up? The bible gives us numerous examples of what needs to be done. Some of these are the parables of the 10 virgins and the sheep and goats from Matthew’s Gospel. The bible asks us to prepare ourselves by good works like almsgiving and prayer.

But maybe like the Generation Alpha people, our attention span is short. We may do good works like loving the unlovable, but only for a short time. Then we get distracted by our own needs. Or when we are doing something good, we get distracted by our own needs and conditions. And even with prayer, we too get distracted with many things and we turn our attention away from prayer.

Staying focused and not getting distracted from doing what we need to do while waiting for “God to show up” is difficult for so many of us. And yet we are asked to do just that so that our lives do not become like unanchored ships.

And unanchored ships can cause much destruction to us and others.

Feasts, Memorials and Solemnties

DateSolemnities, Feasts & Memorials
18 NovemberMemorial of St Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious
21 NovemberMemorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Advent Outreach 2019
Sunday, 15 December 2019 | 9:30am - 1:30pm (Please Note the Change in Date) 
Block 210A Sheltered Basketball Court, Bukit Batok Street 21

The Church of St Mary of The Angels is more than a place of worship on the hill. Our mark here in our neighborhood lies in the way we reach out to the marginalized, the lonely, the old, the struggling and more. This Advent we will like in the past 2 years reach out to our friends living in the rental blocks at Bukit Batok. We work with the MP, grassroots and other religious organisations to bring the Christmas cheer to everyone there. We provide a Christmas lunch, entertainment, Goodie bags, Prizes, Children’s party and a lot more.

You are welcome to donate and/or volunteer your time on these following dates when we will set up a table for signing up and donation boxes. . Please sign up personally as you need to fill a PDPA form.
23 & 24 Nov (all masses) and 30 Nov & 1 Dec (all masses)
Please give generously to the needy.

An Advent Concert:
A Night Of Musical Enchantment With Friar Alessandro

Italian Franciscan Friar Alessandro Brustenghi, OFM, is the first religious brother to be signed on with a major recording label. The petite friar travels
around the world to bring the love of God to all through this gift that God has bestowed on him. To kick off our advent celebrations, for one magical night only, be enthralled by the luscious tenor tones of Friar Alessandro as he performs here in SMOTA.
Through his angelic voice, allow yourselves to be enveloped in the love of God and rekindle your spiritual connection with our Father.

Date: 30 Nov 2019 (Sat)
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: SMOTA Main Church
Cost: $10 (proceeds go to the church maintenance fund)
Tickets will be on sale at the piazza after all masses

Advent To Christmas Reflections

The Office for the New Evangelisation has produced a booklet of reflections for the season of Advent to Christmas in English, Mandarin and Tamil.
The overall theme for the Advent to Christmas Reflections is “Promise of Communion”. It is available online at:

Cessation of Double-Parking:

Please note that due to security reasons, there will be no more double-parking allowed in all the car parks in the church.
This will take effect on 18 November 2019.

Thank You From St Anthony’s Primary School

The Principal of St Anthony’s Primary school would like to extend its gratitude to the parish team and the parishioners of St Mary of the Angels for the donation of $17,372.50 collected during the weekend of 12/13 October 2019.
This will be used to support 140 needy pupils and the Hong Kah North Community Care and Hope House Charities.


7-Day Fatima Prayer for November 2019 (No Fatima Block Rosary for December)

Fatima prayers will begin at 5 pm on Saturdays (1 hour) and at 8 pm on weekdays.
16.11.19 Edwin Lim 138 Hillview Ave Hillview Condo Mobile: 98795894
Please call the Host family if you are joining them for prayer. Thank you & God bless!
For more enquiries Call 9699 3134 (Rosemary)

GIFT (Giving In Faith & Thankfulness)

This weekend, there will be a second collection for the GIFT (Giving in Faith & Thankfulness) campaign to build a more vibrant, evangelistic and missionary Church. GIRO forms, cheques or cash can be sealed into GIFT envelopes and dropped into the collection bags that will go around. Spare GIFT envelopes are available in the church pews, and at the parish office. Please give generously for the vision of the archdiocese. More info is available at

Secondary 2 Catechism Retreat
Thursday, 21 Nov 2019, 6pm to Sunday, 24 Nov 2019, 1.00pm | St Mary of the Angels

The Secondary 2 catechism children will be having their pre-confirmation retreat this month. Please keep them in your prayers.

Self Care Through Art Journaling
Saturday, 23 November 2019 | 9:00am - 12noon | SMOTA Room 13

SMOTA Pastoral Care Ministry St Peregrine’s Cancer Support presents Self Care Through Art Journaling for those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Material cost at $10.00/ pax
Please register at google
For more information, please contact Sister Margaret Goh at 90124778

Footprints of God Youth Retreat 2019
27-29 Dec 2019 | 10:00am - 6:00pm | Church of St Mary of the Angels

Join us as we seek to recognise the enduring presence of the divine in our daily lives and living.
This retreat aims to help participants acknowledge the presence of Christ within themselves and the world around them.
A 3-day stay-out spiritual retreat for youths, aged 15 years old to 25 years old, underpinned by the teachings of St Francis and St Bonaventure, participants would be called to experience the Christ within and around. We will be limiting this retreat to the first 25pax that sign-up.
Contribution: $30/pax
Sign-Up Link:


Come Away Retreat
Friday, 22 Nov - Sunday,24 Nov 2019 | San Damiano Spirituality Centre

As this liturgical year comes to a close, we may be looking to take stock of where we are in our lives. Come Away ... Rest a while. Jesus invites us to look back, to ponder,to walk with Him.
San Damiano Spirituality Centre (within the grounds of Church of St Mary of the Angels) offers an individually guided retreat weekend.
Fee: $200 + Love Offering. Register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christmas Bake Orders 2019

St Anthony Bakery will take Christmas orders during the weekends of 09-10 Nov and 16-17 Nov at the piazza before and after the weekend mass times.
Full payment upon order. Collection will be on 22 December from 10.00am - 1.00pm

Items available include:
1. Brownies (1kg) $45.00
2. Cranberry Shortbread Cookies $15.00
3. Shepherd’s Pie $30.00
4. Sugee Cake $38.00
5. Carrot Cake $ 48.00


Prayers are offered: 

  • For students taking ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘A’ level exams, may our Lord keep them calm and focused during the exams.
  • For peace, love and harmony in the family struggling with difficult relationships and may the Lord lead them to healing and reconciliation.
  • For those coping with major health and mental issues and for those going for medical procedures and tests, may our Lord heal and restore them to wholeness again.
  • For those who have lost faith in the Catholic Church, may our Lord lead them back and help them experience a conversion.
  • For those seeking employment, may the Lord guide them to find jobs and help them sustain their family’s needs. For those working overseas, may our Lord be their guide and protector.
  • For those who are facing challenges at work place, may our Lord comfort and guide them with wisdom and patience.
  • For all the souls in purgatory specially the souls of our relatives, friends, benefactors and those who don’t have anybody to pray for them, may they rest in peace.


Here are some thanksgiving letters received by St Clare’s Ministry. We celebrate as one body of Christ when a member of our family rejoices each time a prayer is answered. Let us never lose sight of those who are not able to rejoice, remembering that Christ loves us all and hears all our prayers.

  • Thank you St Clare for your intercession and the blessing given to my two granddaughters that they have done well in their school exams. Thank you Lord Jesus.
  • Thank you for prayers answered. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  • Thank you for all the Blessings we have received all these years.


Assisi Hospice Charity Drive
Saturday, 16 Nov 4pm - 8pm & Sunday, 17 Nov 8am - 2.30pm | Piazza

There will be a sale of hand-crafted bags, baskets, tissue box covers as well as healthy snacks of dried fruits andnuts at the Piazza. Do visit the stalls and support a worthy cause as all profits will go to Assisi Hospice. Thank you for your kind generosity.

Monthly Archdiocesan Prayer Mission Mass
Thursday, 21 November | 7.30pm | Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Everyone in the archdiocese is invited to join in the MONTHLY Archdiocesan Prayer Mission at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, our Mother Church.
Mass followed by Reflection and Benediction. Presider: Msgr Philip Heng,S.J.

Family Life Society Presents Happy In My Skin
Friday, 22 Nov 2019 | 9:00am - 1:00pm. | Level 3, Catholic Centre

What does it really mean to be a MALE or a FEMALE? Is it really true that there is a “Third Gender”? What is gender in the first place? And most importantly, what makes me a unique and special person? Come and join us during this school holidays to get some real powerful answers to these questions. Register now or call 64880278! Only $15 per pax.

Caritas Singapore - Walking Together 2019
Saturday, 23 November 2019 | 8.00am - 12.00pm | Agape Village

This is our inaugural walk for charity! We aim to raise funds to support the work of the Caritas Singapore Family comprising 27 charities and social mission organisations. Your donation will go a long way to support our work in our community. This covers a wide array of causes such as journeying with poor, families and children, youth, the elderly, persons with mental issues, disabilities or special needs, persons will illnesses, the incarcerated and migrants. Register now, and walk with us for a good cause!