The role of the Psalmist (Cantor) at Mass is to bring the Word of God to life and help our congregation relate to the words of the Psalm being sung. We believe that, like the Bible and the Word of God, the Psalm is alive and can also be applied to our life today. Hearing the psalms sung, and associating melody, harmony and rhythm with the word of God, helps make this word a part of us. And in singing the psalm responses, we are drawn into the experience of the joy, the suffering and the glory of the mystery celebrated in the Eucharist. In this way, Christ transforms our hearts and minds.



8pm – 9.30pm in the week of cantoring
Music Room, Room 12



The collection of psalms found in Scripture was composed under divine inspiration. The psalms have, from the very beginnings of the Church, shown a wonderful power of fostering devotion among Christians as they offer to God a continuous praise—the harvest of lips blessing his name. The psalms also awaken in our hearts the desire for every virtue. The psalms are both deeply personal and communal, drawing the assembled body into the work of the Trinity in the liturgy. Singing the psalms, the act of breathing the Spirit within us into the Word received in scripture, is a surrendering of ourselves to the will of the Father.



Psalmist training is held once a week on Thursday evenings from 8pm to 9.30pm. During our preparation, Psalmists who are scheduled to sing for that weekend gather together, pray, share and interpret the chosen Psalm.



The Psalmist does not have to have a fantastic singing voice or be a professional singer. As long as you can hold a note decently, have reasonably good articulation, have the desire to serve the Lord, and are above 18 years old, you are most welcome to join our ministry. Potential Psalmists will undergo an audition with our Spiritual Director, Fr. Clifford Augustine and our Ministry Coordinator, Brian Lee. If you are accepted, you will be expected to undergo a minimum of four training sessions. After the fourth session, Fr Clifford will clear you, or may require you to undergo several more training sessions if he feels that you need to.



Psalmist Ministry Coordinator Brian Lee,
Spiritual Director Fr Esmond Chua, OFM

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