The Church sees parents as essential and best educators for the child to experience God’s Love. Accordingly, the St Francis Kids’ Club provides a faith-formation programme for pre-schoolers, with parent-involvement as part of the approach. Our weekly sessions are held on Saturdays or Sundays.


Saturdays4.30pm – 5.30pm
Room B1/B2
Sundays10.30am – 11.30am
Room B1/B2


SFKC was set up in 1991 by parents of preschool children who saw a need for a programme that would nurture the very young to fall in love with Jesus in a way that would engage and speak to them. The programme incorporates freedom of movement through praise and worship, stories, prayers and crafts. It is essentially lectionary-based but includes also liturgy, traditional & rosary prayers, getting to know Saints and Mother Mary. Children will also actively participate in the community and parish celebrations through crafts/activities and projects, such as, awareness of Refugees, praying and celebrating with the parish through Lent for Elects on their RCIA journey and other older children receiving First Holy Communion.


SFKC is open to families with preschool children. Membership is not just of the children but of families. Parental involvement in children’s faith formation has been recognised by the Church as essential. Being the first and best educators, parents become clear examples for children to experience God’s care and love. Often times, the children in turn bring their parents (back) to Jesus! Thus SFKC is primarily a family catechesis. Unique communities of parents meeting through SFKC and eventually becoming active in church after their children graduate from SFKC, is not uncommon.


“Seeing how my daughter is so prayerful and trusting in the Lord makes me want to know God the way she knows Him…”
– Carolyn

 “You can actually spend precious quality and bonding time with your child while serving the other children and families.”
– Hon Chuan

 “…Emmanuel can now enjoy Mass more, knowing what the Gospel story is all about. He’s not so bored and restless”
– Karoline


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