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Musings: Friar Clifford Augustine, OFM

"The God Of Our Human Relationships"

I postponed a breakfast appointment recently. My breakfast companion came after a morning workout and was not smelling entirely appropriate. And oh yes, he was still in his exercise gear and I was all ready to face the day. 

A bit rigid. Yes, I know. But I had thought that if I had bothered to dress appropriately the least I am allowed to expect is for my breakfast companion to do the same. 

So I refused to get into his car, the smell of which killed my appetite for breakfast immediately. 

Go ahead and accuse me of being a snob, rigid, difficult … whatever. I was actually at another gathering the night before and I was moved by how some people at the gathering went out of their way to include others and make them feel at home. But there were some who chose to make it all about other issues, like the food was not to their liking or they were not getting what they wanted. But the attitude of the former did not spoil the moment of companionship that is a magic that we could all have more of. 

The human companionship. A couple of weekends ago, we heard from the Gospel of St Luke of Jesus’ social life (Luke 14: 1, 7-14). St Luke’s Gospel does not hide the fact that Jesus did enjoy dining with people - friends and foes alike. It was not just about Jesus eating and drinking with others, but he enjoyed his human life. In other words, Jesus as God enjoyed being a human person - a wonderful reminder of how our human nature is not being enjoyed – we who have no choice really – we were made human! When connected with the world around us, our human lives become a wonderful testimony of God’s love for everything. If truly we are aware of God’s presence in our lives – not in some dogmatic way, but in a way that makes us want to just enjoy being alive then we know God lives. And God lives in us. 

And when we fall in love with God, life cannot be lived if God does not exist. 

This is lived out every day, when love, forgiveness, understanding, inclusiveness and tolerance are practiced and experienced. The God who loves being a human continues to enjoy our humanity in all our human relationships. And therefore when we build bridges, we are not only doing so as good social beings, but we are doing what life is all about. It is all about our relationships. But these relationships can sometime be threatened by a slavish attachment to rigidity, dogmas, the need to control others and selfish intentions. 

The aborted breakfast appointment in the end turned out to be a wonderful meal much later. It was not about a meal – although personal hygiene would help – it was really about enjoying our lives as humans who are able to sit and eat together. 

And God was certainly with us, enjoying our human relationship, just like God does in the Gospel of St Luke.


Feasts, Memorials and Solemnties 

Feasts, Memorials and Solemnties

Date Feasts & Memorials
16 September Memorial of St Cornelius, Pope & Martyr
16 September Memorial of St Cyprian, Bishop & Martyr
17 September Feast of the Stigmata of St Francis of Assisi
18 September Memorial of St St Joseph of Cupertino, Priest
20 September Memorial of Sts Adrew Kim, Paul Shong & Companions, Priest & Martyrs
21 September Feast of St Matthew, Apostle

49th - 50th Annivesary Celebrations; Theme: Instrument of Peace 


49th - 50th Annivesary Celebrations; Theme: Instrument of Peace
As the Church of St Mary of the Angels moves towards it’s 50th anniversary

as a Franciscan parish in 2020, there will be monthly events to usher in this milestone.

Let’s make time to come and pray together as a Franciscan parish that we may

deepen our knowledge and love for St Francis of Assisi. So that through his
intercession and life, we may be inspired to know, love and serve God with our life.
The monthly theme is taken from the prayer of St Francis: Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace.

SEPTEMBER: “Make me an instrument of your peace
14 Sept, Saturday | 9.00am* Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross(followed by fellowship at Piazza)
* No 6:55am mass on Saturday, 14 September.
17 Sept, Tuesday | 7.00pm Feast of the Stigmata of St Francis

25 Sept, Wed – 3 Oct, Thurs | Great Novena to St Francis of Assisi 
(Prayer to be recited after every mass)

OCTOBER: “It is in dying that we are born again to eternal life

3 Oct, Thurs | 7.45pm Transitus (passing) of St Francis of Assisi
4 Oct, Friday | 7.00pm Solemnity of St Francis of Assisi & Children’s Day
5 Oct, Sat | 10.30am Encounter Islamic Prayer with our Muslim Brothers and Sisters(St Clare Hall)
6 Oct, Sunday | 3.00pm Animal Blessing(St Clare hall and Gubbio Outdoor carpark)
7 Oct, Monday | 7.00pm Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (Mass followed by multi-lingual Rosary)


Talk On Saint Francis And The Blessed Virgin Mary 

Talk On Saint Francis And The Blessed Virgin Mary
Tuesday, 01 October | Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
Wednesday, 02 October | Salutation of the Virtues 
8:00pm - 9:30pm | St Clare Hall

Father Derrick Yap, OFM will be giving a talk on St Francis and the Blessed Virgin Mary. St Francis saw his devotion to Mother Mary as integral to virtuous living, and this connection radiates through his writings especially in his Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Salutation of the virtues.
Please register per night you are attending. Seats limited to 300 pax.


Banns of Ordination 

Banns of Ordination
The following candidate Deacon Friar Aiden Peter, OFM from the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans), will be called to the Order of the Presbyterate on 27 October 2019 at the Church of St Mary of the Angels by His Grace, Archbishop William Goh DD.
The publication of this banns fulfill the canonical requirement can. 1051 2°. Catholics are obliged to reveal any impediments or circumstances that would prevent Deacon Friar Aiden Peter, OFM from receiving sacred orders and should contact Archbishop William Goh DD with such information as soon as possible.
From The Chancery of the Archdiocese of Singapore

Rekindle Your Spirit With St Francis Of Assisi 

Rekindle Your Spirit With St Francis Of Assisi

Saturday, 5 Oct - Sunday, 6 Oct | San Damiano Spirituality Centre
2 days, 1 night stay-in retreat.
Cost: $150 (single room); $120 (twin-sharing); $90 (non-residential)
Spiritual Director: Fr Derrick Yap
Register at https://forms.gle/1vweR4Rw3MM2ve5V7
For more information, contact Janice at enquiries@sandamiano.sg

Recruitment For The Lives of St Francis and St Clare Play 2020 - No Experience Needed! 

Come 2020, SMOTA will be proud to commemorate her 50th anniversary! As part of the
celebrations, we will be staging a play on the lives of St Francis and St Clare. If you’re interested
in the lives of the saints or theatre in general, do join us for our first meeting where we will
share more details and get to know one another:
15th Sept 2019 | 2.30pm - 4.00pm | SMOTA Room B5
Do RSVP at www.tinyurl.com/2020play or contact Ellysya (Email: lee.ellysya@gmail.com,
Telegram:@EllysyaLee) if you have any questions.

Life of St Francis Recruitment Poster Page 1


Adult Confirmation Programme 

Adult Confirmation Programme 2019/2020

We invite baptised Catholics aged 17 years and above who wish to receive the
Sacrament of Confirmation to register by filling up the Adult Confirmation form, posted on the Parish website: www.stmary.sg/adultconfirmation
Individuals intending to get married and have yet to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are encouraged to apply. Please email the completed form with a copy of your baptismal certificate to michael@stmary.sg.
Sessions start 05 Sept 2019 at 8.00pm, Room B4, and will run till January 2020.
Attendance is compulsory. Confirmation takes place on 08 February 2020.



Marriage Preparation Weekend @ San Damiano Spirituality Centre 

Marriage Preparation Weekend | San Damiano Spirituality Centre
Stay-in Weekend: 8 November Friday, 7pm to 10 November, Sunday, 5:00pm
Follow-up: 16 November, Saturday | 10:00am - 1:00pm
(It is compulsory that couples attend all the sessions)
Specially designed for couples planning to get married at SMOTA, this preparation programme will take you on a journey of discovery, guided by video input and supplemented by the lived experience of married mentor couples.
The content takes the timeless wisdom of Catholic theology and the most recent insights from psychology to give you and your fiancé the tools you need to understand what marriage is and set you up for a loving and fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime.
Cost: $480 per couple (includes accommodation, meals & the SmartLoving resource/workbooks)
Registration: https://tinyurl.com/mpwsmota
(Limited spaces are available on a first come first serve basis)

Come Pray With Us 

Every evening during the week (Mondays to Fridays) before the evening mass, the parish prays with the universal Church through what is known as Vespers at 6:30pm.
It is the official prayer of the Church. On Tuesdays however, we pray it differently in a service known as “Lucernarium” (Service of Light). This service reminds us of how Christ is our Light, despite the coming darkness of the sunset. It is a time of prayer with the use of incense and lights, reminding us and assuring us that not only are our prayers “rising to God like incense” and how we are called to be “sweet fragrance” in the world by our lives.
We invite all of you to come and pray together as a community and as Church.




Sanctuary@Gubbio will be closed on Tuesday, 18 June and Thursday, 20 June but open as usual on Friday, 21 June.


… a place to relax and unwind, a place to be refreshed, renewed and restored….

Do you need someone to talk to?
Do you need a place to relax and unwind?
Do you want to learn something new?
Come and join us at the Sanctuary and meet new friends
  • Tuesdays - Arts and Crafts
  • Thursdays - Arts and Crafts
  • Fridays - Light Exercises and Healthy Eating
Closed on Public Holidays.
Light refreshments are available.


Sunday 11am Choir Recruitment 

The Sunday 11am Mass choir is recruiting singers, conductors and musicians who can sing and/or play any musical instrument. Those who are keen please approach the choir directly after the 11am Mass or email Ethan Hsu at tedeumlaudamus1045@gmail.com to register your interest.

Recruitment For Altar Servers

The Knights of the Altar (KOTA) of St Mary of the Angels cordially invites boys who have received Holy Communion to join us as Servers at the Altar and in the world.
Applications can be obtained from, and deposited at our parish office.
Training will be provided to prepare you to serve both at the Lord’s table, and as a child of God in the family, school and world.

We hope you (and your parents) will take up this invitation to “Know, Love and Serve Christ” through this ministry of service.

Cherubim Choir Recruitment - Sat 6.30pm Mass 

Music has a beautiful way of making God’s words remain in our hearts. It can also help us to ponder it as Mary did (e.g. Luke 2:19)

Cherubim Choir is recruiting! 
If you are interested or unsure if this is the right ministry for you, please feel free to visit us after the Sat 6.30pm Mass or contact Chris Pereira on 8256 2958.

Gubbio Needs You

We are looking for parishioners who can volunteer to help in the operations of Gubbio in the following areas: Cashiers, cooks, bakers, servers.
If interested, kindly send an email to Hazel: hazel@stmary.sg. Thank you for your generosity.

Frontdesk Volunteers 

Requesting volunteers to help man the frontdesk. Please contact the parish at parish@stmary.sg

Canticle Books+Gifts 



Daily Gospel and Bible Diary

- Name Your Price -
*2019 Daily Gospel and Bible Diary*
Take home a copy or two; donate as you wish. 100% of your donation will go towards the Maintenance Fund.


Ordo 2019

Have you purchased your copy of Ordo 2019? Ordo is used for the observation of the celebration of Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. Limited stocks available at Canticle Books+Gifts.


Living Faith Apr 2019

Living Faith Apr-Jun is now available at Canticle. Perfect Daily Catholic Devotions to guide you through Lent and Easter. Get your copy while stocks last.


Breaking Bread 2019

Your personal copy of Breaking Bread 2019 is available for sale at Canticle. Please do not take the copies in the church pews. Your fellow parishioners thank you for your consideration.


Canticle needs your paper bags!

Please donate usd paper bags in good condition to Canticle Books+Gifts. The Earth thanks you!


Word Among Us Lent 2019

Word Among Us for Lent is in store at Canticle. Your Feb/March issue is also available. Get your copy while stocks last.

#SMOTAprays - Parish Weekly Prayer Intentions 

As part of nurturing a spirit of communion and community here at SMOTA, the parish features the intentions of our brothers and sisters. We may pray for, and with them each week.

Prayers are offered:

  1. For spouses to be faithful and respectful to each other and may their relationship develop into a Christ-centered union.
  2. For those who have been without income for more than 6 months and remain worried, may the Lord bless them with gainful employment in the soonest possible time.
  3. For a child who recently got a kidney transplant and showing an increase in antibodies in the body, may the Lord grant the child a fast and full recovery.
  4. For foreign workers in Singapore who worry about their families back home, may they find peace in the assurance that God will protect them and their loved ones.
  5. For those seeking life partners, may the Lord guide them to meet and develop loving relationships with people who will become their future spouse.
  6. For those with addictions and are affecting the harmony in the family, may their familymembers give them loving support and treat them with compassion.
  7. For those who desire to grow in their faith and have a conversion of heart, may the Lord open their eyes and mind to discover His presence in their lives.

Thanksgiving Received 

Here are some thankgiving letters received by St Clare’s Ministry. We celebrate as one body of Christ when a member of our family rejoices each time a prayer is answered. Let us never lose sight of those who are not able to rejoice, remembering that Christ loves us all and hears all our prayers.

  1. Thank you Lord for blessings showered upon me. In my old age, I am still strong and healthy.
  2. Thank you Lord for your blessings and answering my prayers. I am so grateful.
  3. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer to be holy.

Portiuncula Ministry - for Young Adults 

The amalgamation of the Parish’s young adult groups has given rise to the new Portiuncula Ministry!
Portiuncula is calling out all youths aged between 18 to 35 to join its big family.

Portiuncula will meet regularly every Saturday, 10.30pm to 12.30pm

Interested individuals may direct your enquiries to portiuncula@stmary.sg

Notice On Catechism Sessions **Parents Please Take Note** 

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” - CCC 2226

The parish team reminds all parents that we are here to help and support you in the beautiful task of forming your children in the faith. The spiritual life and development of your children rests on your daily Christian witness and will go a long way in helping your child engage with the world and progress in his/her faith in the future.

In the midst of school commitments, extra-curricular activities and familial obligation, a young person should grow to focus on God. How else will he or she truly believe in a God who always focuses His love on him or her?

Make Catechesis a priority!


The following ministries are looking for members who wish to serve God’s people during the weekend. If you have the time and have been moved to consider helping the parish, please feel free to contact our friendly ministry leaders!

IT Volunteer

We need someone who is proficient with Microsoft Access to create a database program for Pastoral Work. Please send your contact to Fr Justin (justin@stmary.sg).

Sunday 11am Choir

The Sunday 11am choir is looking for pianists and other vocalists who are willing to share the blessing of their voices and skills with others. We invite you to consider joining the Choir and serve through music each week. Those interested can approach Ethan (or any choir member) after the Sunday 11am Mass.

Ministry     Help Needed     Contact Person and Details    

Catechetical Office


Agatha Cheong (acheong@stmary.sg)

Coffee Cart    

Baristas (Weekends)  

Rose Noronha (rosenoronha5@gmail.com

Sun 11am Choir    

Chorister, Musicians


Canticle Books + Gifts    


Anna Murphy (canticle@stmary.sg)


Manning the frontdesk  



Bilingual Volunteers


Flower Arrangement Ministry    Arranging Flowers    SMS to Sylvia at 9784 2233





 Fr Clifford pic   friars JustinLim

Fr Clifford Augustine  

Fr Justin Lim  

Parish Priest  Assistant Parish Priest 




Fr Esmond Chua OFM  Fr Jason Richard OFM

Fr Esmond Chua

 Fr Jason Richard

Assistant Parish Priest   Assistant Parish Priest  



Youth & Young Adult Adult & Family life




  •  6.55am (with Morning Prayer)
  • 12.15pm
  •  7.00pm (Liturgy of the Hours at 6.30pm)


  • 6.55am
  • 4.30pm
  • 6.30pm


  •  7.30am (Mandarin)
  •  9.00am
  • 11.00am
  •  1.00pm
  •  5.00pm
  •  7.00pm

3rd Sunday

  • 3.00pm (Indonesian)

4th Saturday

  • 8.00pm (Tamil)


More timings >


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