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Musings: Friar Clifford Augustine, OFM

"49th Feast Day Celebrations"

We will celebrate our 49th Feast Day as a parish community soon. To mark the 49th year of our life as a parish, we will have a one-week celebration (see the inside of the bulletin).

This year’s feast day celebrations invite us to give thanks to God for the diversity in our parish. People from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds gather here weekly to celebrate the greatest love story ever told. The story of our salvation brought to us by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. And this story is celebrated over and over again not only during our weekend Eucharist, but also in the baptisms, marriages, funerals and the other various rites we have.

From birth to death, the Church makes present the real presence of God in our lives. Our parish community, has striven to be like a field hospital which Pope Francis has asked us to be. People come here seeking consolation and comfort in relationships, in prayers and in the celebration of the sacraments. SMOTA has been faithful through the years, with the different friars, to the Gospel of Jesus.

But we may have fallen short too in many areas. Perhaps we have misunderstood what it means to be a community of disciples. Perhaps we too have privatised our faith, treating it as a personal relationship with the Lord only. The privatisation of our faith can often lead us to acquiring a self-seeking attitude. We serve in ministries only wanting to do things our way, and walk as soon as things don’t go our way. We sometimes are not generous with one another, not only in making sure that we do not disturb others with our poor behaviour in church, but with our words that destroy and our selfish attitudes that judge others so harshly.

We have grown over the years. Spiritually definitely. But many parishioners still attend the Mass mindfully unaware of others. It is usually about them and their family members seated beside them. Some do not even bother sitting near other parishioners, choosing instead to sit at a secluded seat, away from others.

I do not mean for this musing to be one of finding fault. No. In fact, I have grown to love and appreciate all who come here (can’t say that I felt this way five and half years ago). I have learnt not to see the warts, instead only but the beauty in the lives of parishioners. Everyone has a place in the field hospital of God. For this indeed is a place for the healing balm of God to be experienced.

I hope and I pray that you will mark your calendars and join us in the week-long celebration of our 49th year as a living community of the disciples of the Lord. Try not to miss it and if you are not able to come every day, then please choose to come for most days.


Feasts, Memorials and Solemnties

Feasts, Memorials and Solemnties

Date Memorials
15 July Memorial of St Bonaventure
15 July Memorial of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

49th Anniversary Feast Day Celebrations 

49th Anniversary Feast Day Celebrations

In the build-up to SMOTA’s 50th anniversary in 2020, we kick off the year-long celebrations with the following activities.

Sat & Sun, 27 - 28 July: Diversity Of Cultures & Languages, One In Faith

Welcoming foreigners and migrants to our community
4:30pm - English Mass 
6:30pm - Bilingual Mass (English & Tamil)

7:30am - Mandarin Mass 
9:00am - English Mass 
11:00am - English Mass
1:00pm - Bilingual Mass (English & Filipino)
5:00pm - Bilingual Mass (English & Indonesian)
7:00pm - English Mass
We encourage everyone to come to church in their national traditional clothes for this weekend.

Monday, 29 July: Diversity Of Gifts, One In Service

Appreciating and acknowledging our ministry members
6:30pm - Community Rosary: Meditation on the Joyful Mysteries
7:00pm - Evening Prayer: Vespers
7:30pm - Mass

Tuesday, 30 July: Diversity Of Struggles, One In Hope

Caring for the elderly and the sick, and gratitude to their caregivers
12:15pm - Mass with by anointing of the sick and blessing of caregivers, followed by fellowship
6:30pm - Community Rosary: Meditation on the Sorrowful Mysteries
7:00pm - Evening Prayer: Lucernarium
7:30pm - Mass

Wednesday, 31 July: Diversity Of Encounters, One In Justice

Reaching out to the poor and marginalised in our community
6:30pm - Community Rosary: Meditation on the Glorious Mysteries
7:00pm - Evening Prayer: Vespers
7:30pm - Mass

Thursday, 01 August: Diversity Of Paths, One In Courage

Incorporating our youth and young adults into our community
6:30pm - Community Rosary: Meditation on the Luminous Mysteries
7:00pm - Evening Prayer: Vespers
7:30pm - Mass

Friday, 02 August: Diversity Of Fascination, One In Love

Embracing and listening to the children
10:00am - 12noon / 3pm - 6pm Reconciliation (to obtain the Portiuncula indulgence)
6:00pm - Holy Hour
7:00pm - Evening Prayer: Vespers
7:30pm - Mass followed by Procession to shrine, Crowning of our Lady
and Community Rosary
Note: There will be the usual morning (6.55am) and noontime (12.15pm) masses
from Monday to Thursday, but No morning and noontime masses on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday, 03 - 04 August 2019

SMOTA Feast Day and Fun Fair Celebrations



Monday Night Growth Sessions 

Monday Night Growth Sessions

Monday Night Growth Sessions kicks off with a series of talks on
The Franciscans and the Church of St Mary of the Angels

Date Topic
24 June 2019 The Franciscans and the Catholic Church
08 July 2019 The Influence of Saints on the Franciscans
22 July 2019 The Role of Mother Mary in the Franciscan Order

Come and join us at Gubbio. Light refreshments will be served.
Praise & Worship : 7.45pm
Talk : 8.00pm- 9.30pm
All are welcome.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) 

RCIA Enquiry session is on every Thursday evening, 8pm at St Clare Hall.
Session Dates: 27 June, 04 July, 11 July, 18 July
If you know of anyone interested in the faith (either as an enquirer or a sponsor), invite them to come for these sessions.
If you are interested to know more about Jesus and the Catholic faith, come and join us at these sessions.
For more information, you may send an email to oneadmin@stmary.sg

Adult Confirmation Programme 

Adult Confirmation Preparation sessions will start in September 2019 for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in February 2020. There will be weekly sessions every Thursday evening, 8.00pm - 9.30pm.
Kindy complete the form which can be donwloaded at: https://www.stmary.sg/web/index.php/pastoral-services/confirmation and submit with a copy of your baptismal certificate to the parish office or email to michael@stmary.sg.
For more information, you may send an email to oneadmin@stmary.sg

Registration For Children’s Liturgy Primary One 2020 and Bridging Sessions 2020, 6 July to 31 July 

Registration For Children’s Liturgy Primary One 2020 and Bridging Sessions 2020, 6 July to 31 July
To register please fill up the Children’s Liturgy or Bridging Class Form and attach a copy of the baptism / birth cert and email to acheong@stmary.sg or joan@stmary.sg
Forms can be found on St Mary’s website at https://www.stmary.sg/web/index.php/faith-formation/children-formation/catechism-classes#forms
For more information regarding the above, please contact the Catechetical office at 6567 3866.

Surviving Divorce: Hope And Healing For The Catholic Family 

Surviving Divorce: Hope And Healing For The Catholic Family
Thursdays, 22 Aug to 7 Nov | 7.30pm - 9.30pm | Room 2
This is an initiative started by ACF to support our brothers and sisters who have experienced the pain and loneliness of a broken marriage. We hope that the video presentations by Catholic priests, theologians and teachers in this course will help you cope during this difficult time and be a source of God’s divine mercy for you and your family.
Register at: https://catholicfamily.org.sg/sd/ Cost: Non-refundable fee of $60.00
For more enquiries, please write in to: cdsg@acf.org.sg

Talk on Franciscan Spirituality 

Talk on Franciscan Spirituality
Portiuncula(Young Adults Community) is organizing a series of talks on Franciscan Spirituality and Fr. Esmond will share on various themes in the life of St. Francis.
The dates, location and themes are:
 21st July (2.30pm-4.30pm) - Joy (Room 1)
RSVP Ben at 91001674 or email portiuncula@stmary.sg

SMOTA Funfair 2019 

SMOTA FunFair 2019, 4 August
Theme: One with Christ

1) We are looking for parishioners/ministries who may be interested in running the
various food stalls.

2) We are appealing to the generous hearts of parishioners for contributions,

donations, or sponsorship of the following:
- lucky draw and game prizes (new and in good working condition)
- cash donations

Kindly contact the funfair committee at smotafeast@gmail.com, 96872725 (Cindy) or 
90280744 (Merelyn) for details.

Thank you for your participation and generosity.

Mass, With Anointing Of The Sick 

Mass, With Anointing Of The Sick
Tuesday, 30 July | 12.15pm - 1:30pm | Main Church
Fellowship and refreshments follow after the mass.
Please register at the Pastoral Care Corner at the piazza during the weekend masses or at the parish office. You can also register at: https:tinyurl.com/Mass30July

Come Pray With Us 

Every evening during the week (Mondays to Fridays) before the evening mass, the parish prays with the universal Church through what is known as Vespers at 6:30pm.
It is the official prayer of the Church. On Tuesdays however, we pray it differently in a service known as “Lucernarium” (Service of Light). This service reminds us of how Christ is our Light, despite the coming darkness of the sunset. It is a time of prayer with the use of incense and lights, reminding us and assuring us that not only are our prayers “rising to God like incense” and how we are called to be “sweet fragrance” in the world by our lives.
We invite all of you to come and pray together as a community and as Church.



Book Of James Course - Pearls For Wise Living 

Wednesday mornings, 24 July to 09 October | 7:45am - 7:45pm | Gubbio
Struggling to live a truly Christian life? The letter of James is one of the most practical books in the Bible that offers “pearls for wise living”. Join us in our study on how we can apply the teachings in handling and even sanctifying everyday circumstances.
Register at: http://www.stmary-lrbm.org.sg/Register.aspx
Course fee: $42.00. Contact: Michael at michael_arteche@yahoo.com

James Poster


PILGRIMS OF PEACE Inter Faith Pilgrimage 

PILGRIMS OF PEACE Inter Faith Pilgrimage | 31 Aug – 14 Sept 2019
Sultan. Saint. Contemporary Society
During the Fifth Crusades in 1209, St Francis of Assisi held a brotherly conversation with Sultan Al Malik Al-Kamil, leading to interfaith peace and understanding which remain relevant today.
To commemorate the 800th Anniversary of this event, the Franciscan Friars is partnering the interfaith dialogue community to organize a special pilgrimage for those in their 20s-40s who wish to be more engaged in the process of dialogue and understanding. This pilgrimage will include significant religious sites in Istanbul, Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta, Sinai, Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Acre. Young adults, who believe in building a world of tender mercy, fraternal respect and peace, are invited to register your interest today on http://gg.gg/pilgrimsofpeace

 Pilgrims of Peace Poster



Sanctuary@Gubbio will be closed on Tuesday, 18 June and Thursday, 20 June but open as usual on Friday, 21 June.


… a place to relax and unwind, a place to be refreshed, renewed and restored….

Do you need someone to talk to?
Do you need a place to relax and unwind?
Do you want to learn something new?
Come and join us at the Sanctuary and meet new friends
  • Tuesdays - Arts and Crafts
  • Thursdays - Arts and Crafts
  • Fridays - Light Exercises and Healthy Eating
Closed on Public Holidays.
Light refreshments are available.


Sunday 11am Choir Recruitment 

The Sunday 11am Mass choir is recruiting singers, conductors and musicians who can sing and/or play any musical instrument. Those who are keen please approach the choir directly after the 11am Mass or email Ethan Hsu at tedeumlaudamus1045@gmail.com to register your interest.

Recruitment For Altar Servers

The Knights of the Altar (KOTA) of St Mary of the Angels cordially invites boys who have received Holy Communion to join us as Servers at the Altar and in the world.
Applications can be obtained from, and deposited at our parish office.
Training will be provided to prepare you to serve both at the Lord’s table, and as a child of God in the family, school and world.

We hope you (and your parents) will take up this invitation to “Know, Love and Serve Christ” through this ministry of service.

Cherubim Choir Recruitment - Sat 6.30pm Mass 

Music has a beautiful way of making God’s words remain in our hearts. It can also help us to ponder it as Mary did (e.g. Luke 2:19)

Cherubim Choir is recruiting! 
If you are interested or unsure if this is the right ministry for you, please feel free to visit us after the Sat 6.30pm Mass or contact Chris Pereira on 8256 2958.

Gubbio Needs You

We are looking for parishioners who can volunteer to help in the operations of Gubbio in the following areas: Cashiers, cooks, bakers, servers.
If interested, kindly send an email to Hazel: hazel@stmary.sg. Thank you for your generosity.

Frontdesk Volunteers 

Requesting volunteers to help man the frontdesk. Please contact the parish at parish@stmary.sg

Canticle Books+Gifts 



Daily Gospel and Bible Diary

- Name Your Price -
*2019 Daily Gospel and Bible Diary*
Take home a copy or two; donate as you wish. 100% of your donation will go towards the Maintenance Fund.


Ordo 2019

Have you purchased your copy of Ordo 2019? Ordo is used for the observation of the celebration of Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. Limited stocks available at Canticle Books+Gifts.


Living Faith Apr 2019

Living Faith Apr-Jun is now available at Canticle. Perfect Daily Catholic Devotions to guide you through Lent and Easter. Get your copy while stocks last.


Breaking Bread 2019

Your personal copy of Breaking Bread 2019 is available for sale at Canticle. Please do not take the copies in the church pews. Your fellow parishioners thank you for your consideration.


Canticle needs your paper bags!

Please donate usd paper bags in good condition to Canticle Books+Gifts. The Earth thanks you!


Word Among Us Lent 2019

Word Among Us for Lent is in store at Canticle. Your Feb/March issue is also available. Get your copy while stocks last.

#SMOTAprays - Parish Weekly Prayer Intentions 

As part of nurturing a spirit of communion and community here at SMOTA, the parish features the intentions of our brothers and sisters. We may pray for, and with them each week.

Prayers are offered: 

  1. For those who have recently taken RN and IELTS exams, may they pass with good scores, and for students preparing for their ‘O’ and ‘A’ level exams to be blessed with mental strength and the capacity to absorb what they are studying.
  2. For loved ones undergoing stem cell transplant, may they have a safe and successful procedure, and for all those who are unwell may they receive the right treatment and be healed and make a speedy recovery.
  3. For all parents to be guided by God’s grace to be gentle and understanding with their children’s emotional needs.
  4. For individuals who desire to grow in holiness and have a closer relationship with Jesus, may God stay close to them and help them find their true vocation.
  5. For all our children and young people to be protected by God from all bad influences. May these children be respectful to all elders, parents, teachers and personsof authority.
  6. For all single people who are praying to find suitable soul-mate, may God help and lead them to find a Christian, faithful and loving life partner in marriage. Bless also all newly-wed couples, and those who are longing to conceive a baby.
  7. For all gambling addicts, especially for a brother who is dealing with this addiction, that merciful God will save them and help them fight this bondage and give them wisdom to live a honest and responsible life.

Thanksgiving Received 

Here are some thankgiving letters received by St Clare’s Ministry. We celebrate as one body of Christ when a member of our family rejoices each time a prayer is answered. Let us never lose sight of those who are not able to rejoice, remembering that Christ loves us all and hears all our prayers.

  1. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of children all over the world, and especially for our new first grandson.
  2. Dear St. Clare, Thank you so much for all the blessings, especially at my workplace and in Singapore. Thank you so much that I get relief from my respiratory problems.
  3. Dearest St. Clare, through your Intercession, my son and I are now recovering from the eczema problem. Thank you for your prayers, for ever grateful. 

Portiuncula Ministry - for Young Adults 

The amalgamation of the Parish’s young adult groups has given rise to the new Portiuncula Ministry!
Portiuncula is calling out all youths aged between 18 to 35 to join its big family.

Portiuncula will meet regularly every Saturday, 10.30pm to 12.30pm

Interested individuals may direct your enquiries to portiuncula@stmary.sg

Notice On Catechism Sessions **Parents Please Take Note** 

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” - CCC 2226

The parish team reminds all parents that we are here to help and support you in the beautiful task of forming your children in the faith. The spiritual life and development of your children rests on your daily Christian witness and will go a long way in helping your child engage with the world and progress in his/her faith in the future.

In the midst of school commitments, extra-curricular activities and familial obligation, a young person should grow to focus on God. How else will he or she truly believe in a God who always focuses His love on him or her?

Make Catechesis a priority!


The following ministries are looking for members who wish to serve God’s people during the weekend. If you have the time and have been moved to consider helping the parish, please feel free to contact our friendly ministry leaders!

IT Volunteer

We need someone who is proficient with Microsoft Access to create a database program for Pastoral Work. Please send your contact to Fr Justin (justin@stmary.sg).

Volunteer Van Drivers Needed For Church Van

We invite drivers who have experience driving vans to drive our church van for Ministry of Consolation (MOC) wake prayers as well as pastoral visits.
Please register at the Parish Office.

Sunday 11am Choir

The Sunday 11am choir is looking for pianists and other vocalists who are willing to share the blessing of their voices and skills with others. We invite you to consider joining the Choir and serve through music each week. Those interested can approach Ethan (or any choir member) after the Sunday 11am Mass.

Ministry     Help Needed     Contact Person and Details    

Catechetical Office


Agatha Cheong (acheong@stmary.sg)

Coffee Cart    

Baristas (Weekends)  

Rose Noronha (rosenoronha5@gmail.com

Sun 11am Choir    

Chorister, Musicians


Canticle Books + Gifts    


Anna Murphy (canticle@stmary.sg)


Manning the frontdesk  



Bilingual Volunteers


Flower Arrangement Ministry    Arranging Flowers    SMS to Sylvia at 9784 2233





 Fr Clifford pic   friars JustinLim

Fr Clifford Augustine  

Fr Justin Lim  

Parish Priest  Assistant Parish Priest 




Fr Esmond Chua OFM  Fr Jason Richard OFM

Fr Esmond Chua

 Fr Jason Richard

Assistant Parish Priest   Assistant Parish Priest  



Youth & Young Adult Adult & Family life




  •  6.55am (with Morning Prayer)
  • 12.15pm
  •  7.00pm (Liturgy of the Hours at 6.30pm)


  • 6.55am
  • 4.30pm
  • 6.30pm


  •  7.30am (Mandarin)
  •  9.00am
  • 11.00am
  •  1.00pm
  •  5.00pm
  •  7.00pm

3rd Sunday

  • 3.00pm (Indonesian)

4th Saturday

  • 8.00pm (Tamil)


More timings >


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