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Musings: Friar Clifford Augustine, OFM

Mary Deserves Our Love And Care

There was a photo posted on our parish Facebook page with me standing looking at the storm on Saturday evening with a woman next to me who was holding an umbrella. That woman is Mary. Many of us may know her already. If you don’t know her, perhaps you might have seen her either at the Piazza or at Gubbio, helping with the sale of tickets, t-shirt or cleaning tables. She can be incoherent at times, but we know that she cares for her family and has an incredible prayer life. I have seen here kneeling before the crucifix in church praying with all her emotions when her father was ill. She would often cry when she was troubled but she is by and large a cheerful soul. She strikes up a conversation with anyone, but unfortunately because she can be incoherent, those conversations don’t last too long.


At one of our Town Hall meetings, we were light heartedly discussing those parishioners among us who ‘don’t quite fit in socially’. Many ignore them for various reasons. But these are our parishioners, and we need to look after them, which in some instances means going out of our way to say ‘hello’. It means nothing to many of us but to the marginalised it means the world.


Mary and the others are looked after well by their own families. But some are not, and that is where the parish tries to assist aside from the usual route of the St Vincent de Paul Society. Giving people ration for the month or money to top up their EZ-Link card is easy. We have the means to do that. And we can feel good about ourselves if we give someone some help with food or money.


But what about the socially awkward ones? The ones who we do not approve of because they disrupt our prayers, or insist on talking to us when we need some quiet time or the ones who are so lonely and don’t care that they are taking up your time because they are not able to hold a conversation with anyone. They remain unnoticed by us because perhaps we are too busy with our own social circle of family and friends.


It should occur to anyone that the Christian community that celebrates the Eucharist must stop and pay attention to those who need our love and care. And that means saying a kind hello.


I have seen many parishioners already doing that. Mary is loved by many. When the picture was put up on FB, someone commented that Mary is a true SMOTan. Of course I do not know what a true SMOTan is supposed to be, but I understand the sentiment of that comment. Mary is a regular feature at our parish prayers and events.


But that comment got me thinking as to whether the true SMOTan is one who is heavily involved in our parish activities, or the one who contributes much monetarily, or the friars? Would the nameless parishioner sitting in the pews weekend after weekend for Mass be a true SMOTan? Or the ladies who pray the rosary so faithfully after every morning weekday Mass?


Perhaps there isn’t just one definition. I would like to think the definition extends to the following many - the ones who call SMOTA home, regardless of who the parish priest is or who the other friars are, the person who places his or her faith in God who brings our SMOTan community together.


That can be anyone of us. But people like Mary and others, they belong to SMOTA, not because they like the parish friars, but because this is their home. They are indeed our apostles that can teach us much about our Christian faith.




… a place to relax and unwind, a place to be refreshed, renewed and restored….

Do you need someone to talk to?
Are you eager to meet new friends?
Do you want to learn something new?


Come and join the SMOTA community at 
Gubbio, Tuesday to Friday, 9.00am to 12noon.


Tuesday:    Movie and Board Games 
Wednesday:    Board Games 
Thursday:    Arts and Crafts 
Friday:    Light Exercise, Talk on Healthy Living & Sharing of a Healthy Lunch 


Light refreshment will be served.



“all of us, though there are so many of us, make up one body in Christ, and as different parts we are all joined to one another.” ~ Romans 12:5

Sanctuary at Gubbio 


Solemnity And Memorials This Week 


Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe;     25 November, Sunday  



The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary;    21 November, Wednesday 
St Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr;     22 November, Thursday  
St Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions, Martyrs;    24 November, Saturday  


Sunday Collections

10/11 November 2018

1st Collections:      $28,545.30  
2nd collections for church Maintenance:       $15,464.70  


Charismatic Session This Coming Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018

20 Nov 2018, 7.45pm, SMOTA Rooms 6 and 7

For Praise, Worship and Breaking of the Word.

Theme for this week: Hope: the trust we have in the unfailing goodness of God

WhatsApp Image 2018 10 08 at 16.26.35


Monday Night Growth 2018, 26 Nov 2018 

Praise and Worship:     7.55pm  
Talk:     8.15pm    


Catholic Teaching on abortion,  euthanasia, and other life issues 


“You are holy, for you are God’s temple and God dwells in you.”

~ 1 Corinthians 3:16


Adam’s Return, Sat 17 Nov 

Sat 17 Nov, 8pm | Gubbio

This talk looks into the complexities of male spiritual maturation and helps us to understand the importance of male initiation, right in both culture and the church. All men welcome!

Speaker: Ryan Colond, Spiritual Director of San Damiano Spirituality Centre. Ryan is a qualified spiritual director, with a Master in Theology.

*Dinner will be provided. 
This is a BYO event. Bring your drinks for sharing and fellowship.
Organised by SMOTA MEN

SMOTA Men Adams Return 17 Nov 8 pm GUBBIO 1


Collection Of Dry Rations 

“I will show you my faith through my works” ~ James 2:18

Our parish, through the SSVP and the SMOTA NCC Outreach, presently distributes food rations to over 100 poor and needy families in our community. This is done directly to the community and in collaboration with Fei Yue Family Service Centre, Bukit Batok.

Our current stock of rationsis fast depleting, we once again appeal to your generosity to donate in particular the following items: rice (5kg), cooking oil (1Lt), beverages (Milo, coffee and tea), canned food (eg., sardines, luncheon meat), instant and cup noodles, and biscuits.

Please deposit the items in the designated baskets placed outside Church over the next two weekends of 24/25 Nov, and 1/2 Dec. For more details, please refer to the various notice boards, electronic displays and the SMOTA app.

Thank you for the past and continuing generous support and prayers.


Christmas Celebration With Our Friends-in-Need (FIN) - Sun 16 Dec 2018

We are organising a Christmas gathering for over 150 needy families adopted by the SSVP conferences in SMOTA and OLOF, on Sun, 16 Dec, 12noon at St Clare Hall.

In preparation for the celebration, we are calling for (1) sponsorship of gift vouchers (2) talent who can help during the celebration. For example we need a stage compere, photographer, magician, balloon-sculptor, etc and/or (3) volunteer-drivers to help transport to and fro, the wheelchair and home bound elderly FINs, and befriend them during the gathering.

Visit us at the Piazza before or after Mass on 24/25 November and 1/2 December to drop-off your gift voucher and/or volunteer your services for the day. For more information, call Matthew (8182 1632) or Joachim (9815 8968).



GIFT Collection

This weekend 17/18 Nov 2018, there will be a second collection for the GIFT (Giving in Faith & Thankfulness) campaign. GIRO forms, cheques or cash can be sealed into GIFT envelopes and dropped into the collection bags that will go around. Spare GIFT envelopes are available in the church pews, and at the parish office. Please give generously for the vision of the archdiocese. More info is available at gift.catholicfoundation.sg.

Daughters Of St Paul Annual Parish Media Outreach, 24/25 Nov 2018

The Daughters of St. Paul will be at SMOTA next weekend 24/25 Nov for their annual parish media outreach with a variety of media materials - Books, CDS, DVDS to help you nourish your faith. Do come and browse to see if there are any media materials that may be of help to your coming closer to the Lord.


Assisi Hospice Charity Drive - Sun 9 Dec 2018

There will be a sale of hand-crafted bags, baskets, tissue box covers as well as healthy snacks of dried fruits and nuts at the Piazza on Sunday, 9 Dec from 8am to 2.30pm. Do visit the stalls for great gifts for Christmas, at the same time support a worthy cause as all profits will be channelled to Assisi Hospice. Thank you for your generosity.


Recruitment Of Dancers And Singers - Christmas Cantare And Christmas Eve Midnight Mass On Monday 24 Dec 2018

  • Ballet/contemporary dancers to join Christmas Cantare. Practice details to be advised separately 
  • For those who can sing. Practice starts from early Nov, on every Saturday night from 8pm at room 12. 

Don’t hesitate and join us in contributing in a fulfilling way to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. Please contact Chris Pereira at 8256 2958.


What does it Mean to be Free? – Theology of the Body Retreat 2018, 7-9 Dec 2018 

Fri – Sun, 7-9 December 2018 | Church of Saint Mary of the Angels

“If God gave me freedom, why are there so many rules? Why can’t I do what I want and love whoever I am attracted to? Is there such thing as real love?” These are just some of the many questions that youths today think about.

Youths Aged 16 and above, join us for this retreat titled “FREE”, based on the “Theology of the Body”, the work of Pope Saint John Paul II, where the issues of love and freedom will be discussed. Come and experience a weekend like no other where you will uncover what it truly means to be free. Secure your place today at: https://tinyurl.com/SMOTAFREEDEC18


SMOTA Youth Day of Reconciliation, 29 Dec 2018

29 December 2018, Saturday | 10am - 8pm | Classrooms 1-4

As the year draws to a close, we should spend some time recollecting on what has happened and also finding ways to improve on our future. If you’re in Secondary 4, Junior College, Polytechnic, or ITE, do join us for a time of reflection and preparation for the New Year and new stages in our lives. We will be having a Day of Reconciliation on 29 December 2018, 10 am at Classrooms 1-4 with a potluck lunch! Secure your place today at: http://tinyurl.com/SMOTADOR2018 


7-Day Fatima Block Rosary - November 2018

(Saturdays 5pm)

“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.”  - Saint Padre Pio

17 Nov;    Jennifer Usharani, Blk 258 Bt Batok East Ave 4,    Mobile: 8877 9831 
24 Nov;    Pamela Diocos, 92 Hillview Avenue, Hillbrooks,    Mobile: 8499 4552 

Note: No Fatima Blk Rosary in December. Will Resume in February 2019.
Kindly call 9699 3134 (Coordinator) if you would like to host our Lady of Fatima in 2019.


SMOTA Goes Green

You can donate your paper bags to Gubbio, Lady Jacoba and Canticle, so that we don’t need to use plastic bags.


Parish Books On Wheels - Christmas Special Offers ! 

Bookmarks/ Christmas Cards/ Assorted Books Etc...
a) Decade Rosaries with laminated prayer cards @ $5.90
b) St Francis / St Clare stainless steel medal/ chain @ $12.00
c) S/steel/ chrome bracelets w/medals of St Anthony/ St Benedict/
    Divine Mercy/ St Francis now at $24.00 (U/Price $27.00)
d) Unique icon of Perpetual Succour (Rome) ..... Only 2 pieces

All proceeds to the church maintenance fund!

NOTE: The parish Books on Wheel will be closed on 1 December and re-open in March 2019.



Cherubim Choir Recruitment - Sat 6.30pm Mass 

Music has a beautiful way of making God’s words remain in our hearts. It can also help us to ponder it as Mary did (e.g. Luke 2:19)

Cherubim Choir is recruiting! 
If you are interested or unsure if this is the right ministry for you, please feel free to visit us after the Sat 6.30pm Mass or contact Chris Pereira on 8256 2958.


Gubbio Needs You

We are looking for parishioners who can volunteer to help in the operations of Gubbio in the following areas: Cashiers, cooks, bakers, servers.
If interested, kindly send an email to Hazel: hazel@stmary.sg. Thank you for your generosity.


Frontdesk Volunteers 

Requesting volunteers to help man the frontdesk. Please contact the parish at parish@stmary.sg


Canticle Books+Gifts 

Get the latest issues of Magnificat, Living Faith and Word Among Us at Canticle.

Magnificat   Living Faith

Word Among Us Sep 2018



Canticle Tao cross leather thong

Replacement leather thongs in one-metre lengths for your Tao cross pendants, now available at Canticle.



Rotating Rosary Rings, you said. We heard you. New at Canticle in sizes 6 to 10. Only two pieces available in each size. Get yours now.

Rotating Rosary Ring


Just for you, a new range of spiritual jewellery in stainless steel - stylish Crosses for men and women, adorable baby anklets and more. Come and see us soon. Love, your friends at Canticle.



The sweetest things - a limited collection of handmade Rosary bracelets - now available at Canticle.

Rosary Bracelet


New at Canticle - a collection of fine Spanish Mantillas and Infinity Veils, evoking a time-honoured tradition in soft lace and exquisite embroidery. Available in a range of muted colours to suit the Hepburn in you.

Spanish Mantillas and Infinity Veils


#SMOTAprays - Parish Weekly Prayer Intentions 

As part of nurturing a spirit of communion and community here at SMOTA, the parish features the intentions of our brothers and sisters. We may pray for, and with them each week.

Prayers are offered:

  1. For those suffering from physical and emotional illnesses, may God comfort and give them strength to overcome the sufferings and bless them with recovery.
  2. For those who have left the Church, may they return to embrace the Catholic faith and be firm believers of Christ once again.
  3. For students sitting for their examinations, may they do well and be accepted to the schools of their preferred choice.
  4. For those who are jobless, those seeking for new jobs and those facing challenges in their work place, may the Lord help them.
  5. For all our priests at SMOTA to be strengthened and empowered by the Holy Spirit to overcome all challenges and be filled with increased zeal to shepherd and care for their flock with joy and love.
  6. For the souls of our faithful departed, through the mercy of God may they rest in peace, and for those who grieving over the loss of their loved ones may they find comfort.


Thanksgiving Received 

Here are some thankgiving letters received by St Clare’s Ministry. We celebrate as one body of Christ when a member of our family rejoices each time a prayer is answered. Let us never lose sight of those who are not able to rejoice, remembering that Christ loves us all and hears all our prayers.

  1. Thank You for the wonderful trip in UK and a surprise Silver Wedding Anniversary arranged by family and relatives to renew our wedding vows.
  2. Thank You Jesus, Mother Mary, St Joseph and St Clare for helping my daughter to change jobs.
  3. Thank You Lord for blessing our family with good health.


Portiuncula Ministry - for Young Adults 

The amalgamation of the Parish’s young adult groups has given rise to the new Portiuncula Ministry!
Portiuncula is calling out all youths aged between 18 to 35 to join its big family.

Portiuncula will meet regularly every Saturday, 10.30pm to 12.30pm

Interested individuals may direct your enquiries to portiuncula@stmary.sg


Notice On Catechism Sessions **Parents Please Take Note** 

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” - CCC 2226


The parish team reminds all parents that we are here to help and support you in the beautiful task of forming your children in the faith. The spiritual life and development of your children rests on your daily Christian witness and will go a long way in helping your child engage with the world and progress in his/her faith in the future.

In the midst of school commitments, extra-curricular activities and familial obligation, a young person should grow to focus on God. How else will he or she truly believe in a God who always focuses His love on him or her?

Make Catechesis a priority!



For news, reflections and latest updates on what’s happening in the parish, download our very own SMOTA App!

Link: http://myapp.churchappbuilder.com/promo/#SMOTA



The following ministries are looking for members who wish to serve God’s people during the weekend. If you have the time and have been moved to consider helping the parish, please feel free to contact our friendly ministry leaders!


IT Volunteer

We need someone who is proficient with Microsoft Access to create a database program for Pastoral Work. Please send your contact to Fr Justin (justin@stmary.sg).


Volunteer Van Drivers Needed For Church Van

We invite drivers who have experience driving vans to drive our church van for Ministry of Consolation (MOC) wake prayers as well as pastoral visits.
Please register at the Parish Office.


Sunday 11am Choir

The Sunday 11am choir is looking for pianists and other vocalists who are willing to share the blessing of their voices and skills with others. We invite you to consider joining the Choir and serve through music each week. Those interested can approach Ethan (or any choir member) after the Sunday 11am Mass.


Ministry     Help Needed     Contact Person and Details    

Catechetical Office




Agatha Cheong (acheong@stmary.sg)


Coffee Cart    


Baristas (Weekends)  


Rose Noronha (rosenoronha5@gmail.com

Sun 11am Choir    

Chorister, Musicians



Canticle Books + Gifts    




Anna Murphy (canticle@stmary.sg)




Manning the frontdesk  






Bilingual Volunteers




Flower Arrangement Ministry    Arranging Flowers    SMS to Sylvia at 9784 2233






 Fr Clifford pic   friars JustinLim

Fr Clifford Augustine  

Fr Justin Lim  

Parish Priest  Assistant Parish Priest 




Fr Esmond Chua OFM  Fr Jason Richard OFM

Fr Esmond Chua

 Fr Jason Richard

Assistant Parish Priest   Assistant Parish Priest  



Youth & Young Adult Adult & Family life



  •   6.55am (with Morning Prayer)
  • 12.15pm
  •   7.00pm (Liturgy of the Hours at 6.30pm)


  • 6.55am
  • 4.30pm
  • 6.30pm


  •   7.30am (Mandarin)
  •   9.00am
  • 11.00am
  •   1.00pm
  •   5.00pm
  •   7.00pm

3rd Sunday

  • 3.00pm (Indonesian)

4th Saturday

  • 8.00pm (Tamil)


More timings >


Getting Here


Nearest MRT Station: Bukit Batok

By Bus:

Linkway Entrance:
Buses along Bukit Batok East Ave 6: 61, 66, 157, 174, 178, 852

Main Entrance:
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