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Musings: Friar Esmond Chua, OFM

We Cover, That We May See


Some of us may be surprised to see a huge cloth covering the corpus of Christ in our Church this 5th Sunday of Lent weekend and wonder, “Why is St Mary’s carrying out renovation works just before the great and holy feast of Easter?!”


Not to worry. There isn’t any renovation works going on. We felt that it would be good to bring back a tradition of the Church, which states:

The practice of covering crosses and images throughout the Church from this (5th) Sunday may be observed. Crosses remain covered until the end of the celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday, but images remain covered until the beginning of the Easter Vigil.

(Roman Missal, pg. 280)


I would like to share three reflections, on how we can appreciate and spiritualise this beautiful tradition:

  1. As creatures born with senses, the physical veiling is to remind and encourage us to use and sharpen our spiritual senses. What we may not see physically, we may “see” internally with the heart.
    In a time and world where we are becoming more and more reliant on our physical senses, this veiling reminds us that faith doesn’t always rely on the physical senses alone. It also uses the spiritual senses. Perhaps it’s good to reflect and ask:
        Have I been relying only on my physical rather than spiritual senses to live my faith?
        Have I used my spiritual senses; such as allowing the Word of God and the Eucharist to touch, move and challenge the heart, to live my faith?
  2. The physical veiling reminds us, that our life is often only a mere shadow of the reality that awaits us when our time on earth is over. As St Paul in 1 Cor 13:12 says: 
        “Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. 
        Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known”
    The veiling reminds us that although at times life and faith may not make sense now, with patience, it will all become clear and certain one day when we meet Him in the Kingdom.
    Until then, to be comfortable with the uncertainties of life, we are encouraged to focus only on what is important, and less on the frills and dramas of life that often draws our attention to it.
  3. Just as the veiling is temporary, so too are our moments of doubt, despair and challenges
    The eyes of faith help us to see God present in all areas and moments of our life (even when we don’t / can’t “see” Him). So we need not fall into doubt and despair, but hold on to faith, knowing that one day, with the eyes of faith, we will see the resurrection.


May the veiling of the Corpus of Christ and the images in the Church this Lent remind us, that the only “renovation” that should be happening at St Mary’s as we make this final leg of our journey towards such a great, holy and important feast of the Church, is our hearts.

We cover, that we may see!


Penitential Services In The West District

St Ignatius,    19 March, 8.00pm   
20 March, 8.00pm   
Holy Cross,    21 March, 8.00pm   
St Francis of Assisi,    22 March, 8.00pm   
Blessed Sacrament,    23 March, 8.00pm   


Holy Week And Easter Mass Schedule 2018


Maundy Thursday - 29 March

Mass:    6.00pm,    8.00pm   
Tenebrae:    12 midnight     


Good Friday - 30 March

Morning Prayer:    8.30am       
Services:    9.00am,    11.00am,    1.00pm (Mandarin),    
  3.00pm,    5.00pm,    7.00pm   
Evening Prayer:    After the 7pm Service       


Holy Saturday - 31 March

Morning Prayer:    9.00am   
Vigil Mass:    7.30pm   


Easter Sunday - 1 April

Mass:    7.30am (Mandarin),    9.00am,    11.00am,    
  1.00pm,    5.00pm,    7.00pm   


Timings For Stations Of The Cross 

English:    Fridays,   After the 6.55am Mass (in Church) and the 7pm Mass (at the Piazza)   
Malayalam:    Wednesdays,   7.30pm (at the Piazza)   
Tamil:    Thursdays,   7.30pm (at the Piazza)    
Teochew:    Fridays,   7.30am (at the Piazza)   


Solemnity This Week

Solemnity This Week

St Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary;    19 Mar 2018, Monday   


Change To The Sunset Mass Timing

Due to feedback and concerns regarding short turnaround for parking and the safety of parishioners, there will be a change in the Mass timing for the Saturday 6.15pm Mass. The new start time is 6.30pm with effect from 7 April 2018.


Lenten Initiative - My Lenten Sacrifice

My Lenten Sacrifice

We are closer to Easter. How have we been keeping to our Lenten sacrifice?

If you are still unaware, boxes to receive your Lenten sacrifices are at the entrance of the Church every weekend. You are welcome to drop (in monetary value) what you have chosen to sacrifice. Remember, this is NOT a donation drive. 
It is a conscious choice to sacrifice, knowing that your giving will support families at TTSH who are unable to afford healthcare.

2018 SMOTA Lenten Project TTSH


Ministry Of Consolation Lent Prayer Session, Weekly on Wed during Lent, 8pm 

MoC Lent Prayer sessions continue at the Statue of St Francis inside the Columbarium, weekly on Wednesday nights at 8pm during Lent.
Next session is on Wed, 21 Mar 2018 at 8pm, on The Way of the Cross by St Francis of Assisi.
Do join us in prayer and reflection. For any clarifications, please contact Ignatius @ 9126 5661.


Parish Lent and Maundy Thursday Food Collection coordinated by SSVP 

Lent and Maundy Thursday Collection for our Poor and Needy in the Community

Thank you for your past love offerings-in-kind of food items and provisions collected on Maundy Thursdays for the benefit of our friends-in-need (FIN) and the poor in the community, along with your generous support and prayers.


Continuing in this meaningful annual tradition, we once again appeal to your generosity to donate food items and daily provisions for our FIN and the poor. The list of suggested items to donate can be found on the Church’s various notice boards, but you should be free to consider other things that you feel inspired to give.


Please deposit these items in the available baskets placed outside and along the main Church entrances on the 5th Sunday of Lent (17/18 March), Palm Sunday (24/25 March) and/or Maundy Thursday (29 March). For further details, please refer to the notices posted on the notice boards, or call Matthew at 8182 1632 or Joachim at 9815 8968.


What you can donate

As the collected provisions are rationed over a period of a few months, please help ensure that items donated have expiry dates that are later than Dec, 2018.

Note that items in * will be shared with Fei Yue Family Service Centre, Bukit Batok coordinated through the NCC.

  1. Anlene Gold (Age 51+) Milk Powder
  2. White/Brown Rice - 5 KG *
  3. White/Brown Sugar - 1 KG
  4. Cooking Oil - sunflower seed – 1LT*/ 2LT
  5. Milo Powder and Milo Activgo 3 in 1*
  6. Coffee/Tea* – reduced sugar
  7. Instant and Cup Noodles
  8. Biscuits
  9. Quick Cooking/Instant Oats
  10. Canned Food; including sardines* (Ayam brand), and luncheon meat
  11. Adult Diapers Size L/XL
  12. 10 packets of Pull-up Adult Diapers - Large
  13. Baby Wipes
  14. Concentrated Laundry Detergent
  15. Dish Washing Liquid


When to bring in donated items

5th Sunday of Lent:    Sat, 17 Mar, 4:30pm-7:00pm
  Sun, 18 Mar, 9:00am-1:30pm
Palm Sunday:    Sat, 24 Mar, 4:30pm-7:00pm
  Sun, 25 Mar, 9:00am-1:30pm
Maundy Thursday:  Thu, 29 Mar, 4:00pm-10:30pm   


Where to place donated items

Baskets along and outside the Church entrances next to the Piazza OR outside Room 8.



Introducing Our RCIA Elect And Candidates For 2018

 Poster Pray for Our Elect 2

Let's pray for them and with them as the Lord embraces them this Easter!


Next RCIA Cycle 

Some people do not know how much God loves them!

Sound familiar?

Did you know that the rich Catholic faith that we share professes a God that is not just forgiving but actively seeking to love each one of us? If you do, then what about those who do not? In a world where people struggle with their identities, the Christian message is crucial.

Invite non-Catholics to mark 12 April 2018, 8pm in their calendars and join us as we share what it means to be a follower of a God who loves.

Contact Philip Lee at philipjameslee@gmail.com



Next RCIA Cycle begins on 12 April 2018. Let them know the depth of God’s love that can be discovered with our Catholic faith and traditions.


Sessions on Thursdays from 12 Apr to 26 Jul 2018, except 21 Jun 2018
7.30pm, St Clare Hall.

Enquiry Sessions

Last Thursday of the month from Aug 2018 to Dec 2018.



Thursday 22 Mar 2018
8pm, Rooms 3 and 4


SMOTA Goes Green 

SMOTA Goes Green

Being a Franciscan parish, one of the many facets of Franciscan spirituality is to care for creation. In the past 2-3 years we have:

  1. Changed (and still in the process of changing) normal bulbs to LED lights (which are more energy saving).
  2. Reduced the use of printing wedding booklets to simple and elegant cards.
  3. Encouraged recycling by providing recycling bins at ground floor carpark.
  4. Used non-disposable eating utensils at all our catechism retreats.


And from this Lent onwards, we are asking that all ministries and groups having functions at SMOTA use biodegradable utensils.
Caring for creation doesn’t end here. We are still looking for ways to do more for what God has blessed and entrusted us with. 
And we hope as a parish and as a parishioner, all of us can further strive towards this same goal in our own homes and workplaces.

Come join us on this effort to care for nature. God’s gift to us!


You can contribute by:

1. Donating your paper bags to Gubbio or Lady Jacoba shop so that we don’t need to use plastic bags.
2. Bring your own food carriers if you wish to ‘take away’ food at Gubbio.


Catechism Sessions

There will be no catechism sessions for all primary levels on 31 Mar 2018 (Holy Saturday). Sessions resume on 7 April 2018.


GIFT Collection

GIFT Collection

This weekend 17/18 March 2018, there will be a second collection for the GIFT (Giving in Faith & Thankfulness) campaign. GIRO forms, cheques or cash can be sealed into GIFT envelopes and dropped into the collection bags that will go around. Spare GIFT envelopes are available in the church pews, and at the parish office. Please give generously for the vision of the archdiocese. More info is available at gift.catholicfoundation.sg.


St Joseph’s Table, Mon 19 March 2018 

Mon 19 March 2018 | After The 12.15pm Mass | Gubbio

Come join us to commemorate the intercession of St Joseph in caring and feeding the poor and hungry in their time of need. Share in the love and fellowship of St Joseph’s table by bringing your own lunch as well as another lunch for someone else to the table. As St Joseph has interceded and cared for us, we encourage you to share that love with others.


Passion Play @SMOTA, 23 - 25 Mar 2018 

23 March 2018; 24 March 2018; 25 March 2018 | 8pm @ St Clare Hall

We cordially invite you to come join us this Lent season as we prepare ourselves to participate in the Easter celebration at the Passion Play @ SMOTA. Journey with the Lord to Calvary through this musical adaptation of the Passion. There are 3 sessions available on 23 March, 24 March, and 25 March at 8pm. Tickets are available at $5 each at the Piazza or contact Alvin at alvin@stmary.sg, grab your tickets now.


SMOTA Charismatic - Spiritum Christi, Sat 24 Mar 2018 

Sat 24 March, 4pm - 6pm, Assisi Room

Everyone is invited to join us in our first monthly praise and worship session. Recharge in the Holy Spirit! Come and experience God’s healing power; join us as we sing and express our joys in a spontaneous manner; where we invite and allow the Holy Spirit to take control, to lead us and to lift us so we can all feel the full presence of Jesus.


Prince And Pauper Meal, 29 Mar 2018 

Thu 29 March 2018, 8pm, Rooms B1/B2

Inviting youths to join us for a night of prayer and fellowship as we seek to encounter Christ in the poor around us as we prepare ourselves to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Easter.


Easter Brunch @ Gubbio, Sun 1 Apr 2018 

Sun 1 Apr 2018, 10am - 1pm | Gubbio

Join us for an Easter Brunch at Gubbio on Sunday 1 April. Special meals will be on sale.

Parish Emergency Taskforce Security During Holy Week

We seek volunteers to help out the Parish Emergency Taskforce in providing security during Holy Week. Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/dVbzJi2ZBMK2h04o2

Volunteers can liaise directly with Cindy (mobile: 9687 2725) or Brandon (mobile: 9628 5566).


Canticle Shop Booklets

These booklets have arrived at Canticle Shop:

  • April 2018 issue of Living Faith (limited copies available)
  • Magnificat April 2018 (limited copies available)
  • 2018 Novena to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
    Novena to Our Lady is offered every Saturday at 4pm.
  • Easter’s Word Among Us (April 2018)

Living Faith  Magnificat  Novena Booklet  Easter Word Among Us


Legion Bookbarrow March 2018


- Highlight - World Mission Rosary (V Fulton Sheen) @ $12

- Precious Blood of Christ Rosary/bklet @ $ 14

- Easter Cards @ $1.50 /laminated bookmarks

- Unique St Francis/St Anthony  S/steel chain set (Prayer Card)

- St Benedict S/Steel chain/Perpetual Succour/D. Mercy (limited)

- Assorted Rosary Bracelets /7 Joys of Mary (Franciscan Crown)

- Variety of books for children & adults/ Lamb’s Supper @ $ 6

- Wide selection of Laminated Bookmarks

Enquiries: call  9699 3134



Gubbio Carrier Bags

By Easter Sunday, carrier bags will be sold for takeaway food and plastic bags will no longer be available. You may bring your own carrier bags to carry your takeaway food.


Lenten Program For Young Adults

Portiuncula, a group of young adults is organising a series of reflections for the Lenten season. This series uses the movie ‘Passion of Christ’ and the corresponding scripture passages to reflect on the Passion narrative. Young adults aged 18-40 are welcomed to join Portiuncula for these sessions on Saturday morning 10.30am at Classroom 5. For more information please contact portiuncula@stmary.sg.


7-Day Fatima Block Rosary

Saturdays @ 5pm / Weekdays @ 7.45pm
Kindly call the host family if you plan to join them for prayers.

17 - 23 Mar;    Arlene Perucho, 45 Toh Tuck Rd, The Beverly (Bsmt Lobby 13);    HP: 9380 7172  
24 - 30 Mar;    Zeni Cristobal, 3 Bt Batok St 25, Parkview Apt;    HP: 9112 0022  
31 Mar - 6 Apr;    Angela and John Chew, Blk 302, J East St 32;    HP: 9051 4729 / 6560 3124  

For more enquiries call: 9699 3134 (Coordinator)


#SMOTAprays - Parish Weekly Prayer Intentions 

As part of nurturing a spirit of communion and community here at SMOTA, the parish features the intentions of our brothers and sisters. We may pray for, and with them each week.

Prayers are offered:

  1. For those suffering from cancer, stroke and depression and recuperating from post-surgery that they be blessed with God’s healing grace and peace.
  2. For families who are grieving over the recent loss of their loved ones, and for the souls of our dearly departed to rest in eternal peace.
  3. For those due for renewal of work contract, work permit and looking for a job, may their renewal and applications be successful.
  4. For employees facing challenges at work, grant them peace and unity, and understanding colleagues.
  5. For people going for their language proficiency and other entrance tests, help them to overcome their anxieties and pass the tests.
  6. For singles looking for a soulmate, may God grant their heart’s desire.
  7. For parishioners of St Mary of the Angels to be a praying, loving and welcoming community, praise and thank God in all things.


Thanksgiving Received 

Here are some thankgiving letters received by St Clare’s Ministry. We celebrate as one body of Christ when a member of our family rejoices each time a prayer is answered. Let us never lose sight of those who are not able to rejoice, remembering that Christ loves us all and hears all our prayers.

  1. Thank You for the successful operation and good recovery from removal of tumour in my left ankle and the insurance to cover my medical bills.
  2. Thank You for the opportunity to visit your church.
  3. Lord Thank You for the good health of our family and three kids You have given to us.


Msgr Ambrose Vas Talk On Book of Jeremiah 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

The 15-part series on the Book of Jeremiah by Msgr Ambrose Vaz is resuming on 12 Feb 2018.

Often used in our first reading, the book of Jeremiah contains a rich story of love and courage as God calls the reluctant prophet to proclaim his message of repentance.

Monday evenings (8-10pm), St Clare Hall

Mar:   19;

Apr:    2, 9, 16, 23, 30;

May:   7


Flower Arrangement Ministry Recruitment


The Flower Arrangement Ministry is recruiting new members. If you have the relevant skills or would like to assist the team in other ways, kindly drop an SMS to Sylvia at 9784 2233.


Frontdesk Volunteers 

Requesting volunteers to help man the frontdesk. Please contact the parish at parish@stmary.sg



For news, reflections and latest updates on what’s happening in the parish, download our very own SMOTA App!

Link: http://myapp.churchappbuilder.com/promo/#SMOTA


Official Messaging App Channel For Catholics In SG 

Archdiocese Telegram Bulletin Image

Receive urgent, important and authentic information, instantly and directly from the Church:

- Security and safety notices
- Advisory on dubious and fake news
- Info on days of obligation
- Important Church content, etc
Go to www.telegram.catholic.sg for more info and to install the app or search for “CatholicSG” in the TELEGRAM App.

Portiuncula Ministry - for Young Adults 

The amalgamation of the Parish’s young adult groups has given rise to the new Portiuncula Ministry!
Portiuncula is calling out all youths aged between 18 to 35 to join its big family.

Portiuncula will meet regularly every Saturday, 7.30pm

Interested individuals may direct your enquiries to portiuncula@stmary.sg


Notice On Catechism Sessions **Parents Please Take Note** 

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” - CCC 2226


The parish team reminds all parents that we are here to help and support you in the beautiful task of forming your children in the faith. The spiritual life and development of your children rests on your daily Christian witness and will go a long way in helping your child engage with the world and progress in his/her faith in the future.

In the midst of school commitments, extra-curricular activities and familial obligation, a young person should grow to focus on God. How else will he or she truly believe in a God who always focuses His love on him or her?

Make Catechesis a priority!

Recruitment For Parish Emergency Response Team 

The parish leadership team is currently looking for medical and security professionals to join Parish Emergency Response teams beginning in January 2017.

If you possess medical, security or defence expertise, do kindly email Johnny Keong (keongjohnny@yahoo.com) OR Agatha Cheong (acheong@stmary.sg).


The following ministries are looking for members who wish to serve God’s people during the weekend. If you have the time and have been moved to consider helping the parish, please feel free to contact our friendly ministry leaders!


IT Volunteer

We need someone who is proficient with Microsoft Access to create a database program for Pastoral Work. Please send your contact to Fr Justin (justin@stmary.sg).


Volunteer Van Drivers Needed For Church Van

We invite drivers who have experience driving vans to drive our church van for Ministry of Consolation (MOC) wake prayers as well as pastoral visits.
Please register at the Parish Office.


Sunday 11am Choir

The Sunday 11am choir is looking for pianists and other vocalists who are willing to share the blessing of their voices and skills with others. We invite you to consider joining the Choir and serve through music each week. Those interested can approach Ethan (or any choir member) after the Sunday 11am Mass.


Ministry     Help Needed     Contact Person and Details    

Catechetical Office




Agatha Cheong (acheong@stmary.sg)


Coffee Cart    


Baristas (Weekends)  


Rose Noronha (rosenoronha5@gmail.com

Sun 11am Choir    

Chorister, Musicians



Canticle Books + Gifts    




Anna Murphy (pietyshop@stmary.sg)




Manning the frontdesk  






Bilingual Volunteers









 Fr Clifford pic   friars JustinLim

Fr Clifford Augustine  

Fr Justin Lim  

Parish Priest  Assistant Parish Priest 




Fr Esmond Chua OFM  Fr Jason Richard OFM

Fr Esmond Chua

 Fr Jason Richard

Assistant Parish Priest   Assistant Parish Priest  



Youth & Young Adult Adult & Family life


Penitential Service

St Ignatius - 19 March, 8.00pm
SMOTA - 20 March, 8.00pm
Holy Cross - 21 March, 8.00pm
St Francis of Assisi - 22 March, 8.00pm
Blessed Sacrament - 23 March, 8.00pm


Maundy Thursday - 29 March

Mass: 6pm, 8pm

Tenebrae: 12 midnight

Good Friday - 30 March

Morning Prayer: 8.30am

Services: 9am, 11am, 1pm (Mandarin), 3pm, 5pm, 7pm

Evening Prayer: After the 7pm Service

Holy Saturday - 31 March

Morning Prayer: 9am

Vigil Mass: 7.30pm

Easter Sunday - 1 April

Mass: 7.30am (Mandarin), 9am, 11am, 1pm, 5pm, 7pm



  •   6.55am (with Morning Prayer)
  • 12.15pm
  •   7.00pm (Liturgy of the Hours at 6.30pm)


  • 6.55am
  • 4.30pm
  • 6.15pm (6.30pm from 7 Apr 2018)


  •   7.30am (Mandarin)
  •   9.00am
  • 11.00am
  •   1.00pm
  •   5.00pm
  •   7.00pm

3rd Sunday

  • 3.00pm (Indonesian)

4th Saturday

  • 7.30pm (Tamil)


More timings >


Getting Here


Nearest MRT Station: Bukit Batok

By Bus:

Linkway Entrance:
Buses along Bukit Batok East Ave 6: 61, 66, 157, 174, 178, 852

Main Entrance:
Buses along Bukit Batok East Ave 2: 970, 985

By Car:

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