Musings: Friar Clifford Augustine, OFM

More Than Just A Run


They are motley, merry and yes… male – they’re SMOTA’s Men. Yes, there is such a Ministry. They made their presence felt as they organised the Father’s Day run last week for the first time, as a newly formed group. There’s more to them than meets the eye -- besides organising spiritual and prayer moments for men here at SMOTA, the group enthusiastically accepted the invitation to organise this event.


The men’s lack of experience in organising the run for the parish did not deter them. They faced challenges with regards to logistics, but never once did the spirit to serve the parish flag…..that is a desire that will not easily be doused.


Serving the parish is the primary task of any group/ministry. I suppose the question that needs to be asked then is “Who/What is the parish?” Do ministries exist to only serve the parishioners who come to Sunday Mass?


Canon Law describes a parish as a ‘certain community of Christians faithful stably constituted in a particular church (Canon 515). So then, if we speak of serving the parish, we must speak of serving the community of Christians that belong to SMOTA.


This community of believers, is of course, made up of different people from different backgrounds carrying different stories within each. For a parish as large as SMOTA, it is a challenge sometimes to keep the community spirit bright and burning.


Often groups that exist in the parish have particular needs of their own. Take the SMOTA Men for instance. They were formed to provide mutual spiritual support. What started out as a social gathering has now become a movement that celebrates the vocation of the Christian man. And that vocation includes a reaching out to serve.


There has been some confusion in the past of what does it mean to serve? Are groups in SMOTA meant to be ‘work horses’, doing the work required by the parish priest or the parish? Some groups have shared with me that they find joy in meeting and sharing the Gospel and they would like to continue doing just that.


While I will not object to any group sharing the Gospel and in fact it is highly encouraged that this is done, I do believe that all groups must have a service dimension. Groups cannot exist for their own benefit. These groups, or ‘small Christian communities’, must constantly re-invent themselves for the benefit of the parish. Otherwise, we risk becoming just a group of people whose primary purpose is to serve ourselves. And that is hardly following the Gospel.


Last week’s run was more than a social event. It was all about building bridges. It was all about believing in families. And the SMOTA Men’s group did just that.

There is obviously not just one way of serving the Christian community stably constituted in SMOTA. But always must be about the Gospel of Jesus who came to serve and not to be served.



Solemnity This Week 

Saints Peter And Paul, Apostles        29 June, Thursday       


Events For The Youths Of SMOTA 

Youth Sports Day | 25 June, 3pm – 6pm

The Portiuncula ministry invites all youths between 15 to 25 years old to join us in a day of fun and games, at St Anthony’s Primary School.

Sign up:


Mass With Youths | 26 June

This is specially for SMOTA youths who are returning to school for the new academic cycle, there will be a Mass with Youths at the end of the June break. Mass is followed by fellowship.


26 June, Monday (Hari Raya Public Holiday)

Time: 12:15pm


Portiuncula Ministry - for Young Adults 

The amalgamation of the Parish’s young adult groups has given rise to the new Portiuncula Ministry!
Portiuncula is calling out all youths aged between 18 to 35 to join its big family. Interested individuals may direct your enquires to


Mass for The Sick And Anointing, 29 July, 6:15pm 

In conjunction with our Parish feast day, there will be annointing for those with chronic or life-threatening illnesses For annointing or if you wish to offer to drive, please leave your details either at the Piazza after any of the Sunday Masses or at the Parish Office during the week. The deadline is 9 July 2017.


SMOTA FunFair 2017, 30 July 2017 

Theme: Come, Taste And See the Goodness of God


Coupons & Souvenirs

Coupons at $10 each and various souvenirs are available for sale at the Funfair Booth at the Piazza. This year, our Parish exhorts her family to examine its lives and re-commit to reaching out and spreading the Good News by bringing people to the faith. So hurry! Buy tickets for yourself and your friends.


Donations & Sponsors

Cash donation and in-kind sponsorship are also needed to cover various expenses for the FunFair. We are also accepting donations of home-cooked dishes, desserts and drinks. Please contact the FunFair Committee at 9028 0744. All proceeds of the FunFair go to SMOTA’s Church Maintenance Fund.



7-Day Fatima Block Rosary For June 2017 

Saturdays @ 5pm / Sunday @ 6.45pm / Weekdays @ 7.45pm
Kindly call the Host family if you are joining them for Prayers. God bless!

24 Jun – 30 Jun

Dominic & Corrina, Blk 93 Cashew Rd, Cashew Heights Condo    Call: 9115 6691

 Note: Call : 9699 3134 Coordinator for more details.


Peter's Pence Collection, 24 - 25 June 

First collection taken at all masses of the weekend of 24-25 June 2017 will go towards Peter’s Pence.


SMOTA Caregivers Support Group Meeting, 27 June 

SMOTA Caregivers Meeting is on 27 June, the last Tuesday of June, 7:30pm to 9:30pm, Rooms 3 and 4.


Monday Night Formation, 10 July 2017 

Parish of St Mary Of The Angels will resume Monday Night Form with a biweekly initiative. The evening will feature prayer, praise, and input by one of the parish friars. Individuals interested in providing administrative and hospitality support for this programme, may contact Ryan at

Date:  10 July, Monday
Time: 8pm - 9:30pm
Venue: Gubbio


The Gospel Of John - Little Rock Bible Ministry, 12 Jul 2017 - 16 Sep 2017 

LRBM @ SMOTA will begin, over 8-sessions, “Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John”, a video program by Dr. Edward Sri to answer the call to deeper friendship with Christ.

Time & Dates:

Wednesday evening,   7:45pm - 10:00pm,    from 12 Jul to 13 Sep 2017   
Thursday morning,    9:45am - 12:00 noon,    from 13 Jul to 14 Sep 2017   
Saturday evening,    7:30pm - 9:30pm,    from 15 Jul to 16 Sep 2017   

Venue:            Church of St Mary of the Angels
Course Fee:   $28 inclusive of course material
Registration:   Registration is now open and available via LRBM’s website (
Please register early to avoid disappointment.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact the following:

Stanley Guan (Wednesday Evening Coordinator);    email:   
Evelyn Ling (Thursday Morning Coordinator);    email:   
Roscoe Alviso (Saturday Evening Coordinator);    email:   
Dominic Yap (LRBM Coordinator);    email:   


Couple Mentor Journey Recruitment - Information Session for Mentors, 22 July 2017 

 CMJ Ministry invites married couples to be mentors to younger couples, by journeying with them and sharing your own joys and challenges of living the Church’s teaching on marriage. There is an information session for interested couples, with details as follows:

Date: 22 July, Saturday
Time: 9:30am - 11am
Venue: Classroom 2



#SMOTAprays - Parish Weekly Prayer Intentions 

As part of nurturing a spirit of communion and community here at SMOTA, the parish features the intentions of our brothers and sisters. We may pray for, and with them each week.

Prayers are offered:

  1. For those in our community, especially, the elderly, who have been abandoned by their family members, living lonely lives without any love, care and concern.
  2. For all expectant mothers and for those who are trying to conceive.
  3. For those who are seeking God’s guidance and blessing to have the right soulmate and for all newly wed couples.
  4. For loved ones who are in addiction to alcoholism, gambling, Internet gaming, drugs and sexual vices.
  5. For all who are looking for jobs, especially people with special needs, be given opportunity to secure gainful employment and to live a meaningful life.
  6. For the security of our Nation to be protected against all terrorism. And for our people to live in peaceful religious and racial harmony.
  7. For the healing and recovery of all our sick who are in pain, those suffering from severe dementia and Parkinson diseases, those who are undergoing operations, those having heart tests, and those receiving chemotherapy.



Thanksgiving Received 

Here are some thankgiving letters received by St Clare’s Ministry. We celebrate as one body of Christ when a member of our family rejoices each time a prayer is answered. Let us never lose sight of those who are not able to rejoice, remembering that Christ loves us all and hears all our prayers.

  1. I would like to thank God for granting my long time wish to have a baby. We have been praying for 4 years and last month my husband dropped into the Petition Box our prayer intention for us to have a baby soon and to our surprise, our prayer has been answered.
    I’m now 5 weeks pregnant. We feel very thankful and blessed.
    Thank you brothers and sisters for helping me pray for my wish, please continue to pray for me for healthy and safe pregnancy.
    Lord God, Heavenly Father, thank You so much, please be with me at all time. I promise to love and take care of the precious gift that you have given us.
  2. Thank You, Lord, and thank you, all, for praying for my nephews, FC & SC, who have found jobs. Please continue to pray for them.


Brother Francis Programme 

Brother Francis Programme resumes in July, in San Damiano Spirituality Centre. You will gain insights into St Francis’ life and is targeted at young adult participants (aged 23-25). A total of 10 episodes of audio theatre will be aired over 5 weeks, with discussions and prayers following each session. Register at


SMOTA Parish Groups

The list of official SMOTA parish groups and the contacts of their leaders can be found on the parish notice boards.




Every Thursday | 8pm at Rooms 3 and 4



It is simple. But it is not easy. How far are you willing to share Jesus with your friend who isn’t a Christian?

- Take this opportunity to bring someone who may have questions!

- Take this opportunity to bring someone who is searching for Truth.

- Take this opportunity to bring a loved one to something so special to you. Your faith.

- Take this opportunity to love by bringing them to Love Himself.


RCIC      Starting on Apr 22, every Saturday at 1pm;                   Age 7 - 12
RCIY      Starting on Apr 23, every Sunday at 9.30am - 11am;    Age 13-16

For more information, email:


Notice On Catechism Sessions **Parents Please Take Note** 

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” - CCC 2226


The parish team reminds all parents that we are here to help and support you in the beautiful task of forming your children in the faith. The spiritual life and development of your children rests on your daily Christian witness and will go a long way in helping your child engage with the world and progress in his/her faith in the future.

In the midst of school commitments, extra-curricular activities and familial obligation, a young person should grow to focus on God. How else will he or she truly believe in a God who always focuses His love on him or her?

Make Catechesis a priority!

Recruitment For Parish Emergency Response Team 

The parish leadership team is currently looking for medical and security professionals to join Parish Emergency Response teams beginning in January 2017.

If you possess medical, security or defence expertise, do kindly email Johnny Keong ( OR Agatha Cheong (


The following ministries are looking for members who wish to serve God’s people during the weekend. If you have the time and have been moved to consider helping the parish, please feel free to contact our friendly ministry leaders!


IT Volunteer

We need someone who is proficient with Microsoft Access to create a database program for Pastoral Work. Please send your contact to Fr Justin (


Volunteer Van Drivers Needed For Church Van

We invite drivers who have experience driving vans to drive our church van for Ministry of Consolation (MOC) wake prayers as well as pastoral visits.
Please register at the Parish Office.



The parish is facing a severe shortage of catechists to meet the growing number of children coming to us for formation. In our efforts to assist and support parents in raising their children in the faith, the parish is appealing for lay men and women to consider sharing the faith with our young. Parents, especially, are encouraged to consider if they have the time. If you are qualified to raise a child in faith, you are probably qualified to pass on the faith to others. Trainings and formation are provided by the parish to assist you.

Some facts about our parish situation:

Total Children Enrolled    1,227   
Total Catechists Needed       130   
Total Catechists Currently         81   


In the near future, the Archdiocese will mandate that every group must have two adults, above 21years present in the room. This has raised our catechists need to 130 for the children aged 7-15yrs old. As you can see, we are short of about 50 Catechists!


Those interested to support our parents in the formation of their children, please contact our Catechetical Coordinator, Agatha at


Sunday 11am Choir

The Sunday 11am choir is looking for pianists and other vocalists who are willing to share the blessing of their voices and skills with others. We invite you to consider joining the Choir and serve through music each week. Those interested can approach Ethan (or any choir member) after the Sunday 11am Mass.


Ministry     Help Needed     Contact Person and Details    

Catechetical Office




Agatha Cheong (


Coffee Cart    


Baristas (Weekends)  


Rose Noronha (

Sun 11am Choir    

Chorister, Musicians


Canticle Books and Gifts




Anna Murphy (




Manning the frontdesk 




Bilingual Volunteers 




Have you downloaded our SMOTA app? Check it out on Google App Store for Android and on Apple App Store for iOS.



SMOTA App Poster


App 1  App 2  App 3


App 4  App 5  App 6


Launch Of GIFT By Catholic Foundation 

The Catholic Foundation has launched the Giving in Faith and Thankfulness (GIFT) campaign to encourage and empower regular individual giving to the archdiocese. Resources are needed to fund the many organisations in the archdiocese involved in families, youths, evangelisation; several building projects; and other initiatives. Currently, there is a projected shortfall of $238m for the next 7 years. Every Catholic in Singapore is called to pledge a regular monthly contribution to the archdiocese today, so that the Church may continue growing for generations to come.


Appeal booklets, flyers and envelopes are available in the parish to make your pledge. Alternatively, visit to donate online or find out more.


Archdiocese CatholicSG App Launched 

With the help of volunteers and benefactors, the Archdiocese has successfully developed a mobile app named "CatholicSG App".


In line with the pastoral plan of the Archdiocese and for New Evangelisation, the mobile app is designed to help Catholics in Singapore with Formation and Information.


It is the all-in-one mobile app that hopes to Inspire, Inform, and Remind the laity to live their Catholic faith more actively.


Everyone is encouraged to install this free app on their mobile devices to access:

  • Today’s scripture reflection from the Archbishop
  • Today’s Mass readings
  • Mass, Confession, Adoration and Devotions: Locations & Timings
  • The latest Catholic News and Archdiocese Notices
  • Liturgical Calendar and Archdiocese Event Calendar
  • Church Directory and Services
  • A Prayer Scheduler with information on how and what to pray
  • Videos, photos and social media feeds
  • …and more


For more details and to install the app, please visit


Archdiocese App poster





 Fr Clifford pic   friars JustinLim  Esmond Chua Crop  Fr Jason Richard

Fr Clifford Augustine  

Fr Justin Lim  

Fr Esmond Chua


 Fr Jason Richard


Parish Priest  Assistant Parish Priest     Assistant Parish Priest    Assistant Parish Priest

Youth & Young Adult Adult & Family life


Mass For The Sick And Anointing

29 July, 6:15pm

In conjunction with our Parish feast day, there will be anointing for those with chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

For anointing or if you wish to offer to drive, please leave your details either at the Piazza after any of the Sunday Masses or at the Parish Office during the week.

The deadline is 9 July 2017.



  • 6.55am (with Morning Prayer)
  • 12.15pm
  • 7.00pm (Liturgy of the Hours at 6.30pm)


  • 6.55am
  • 4.30pm
  • 6.15pm


  • 7.30am (Mandarin)
  • 9.00am
  • 11.00am
  • 1.00pm
  • 5.00pm
  • 7.00pm

3rd Sunday

  • 3.00pm (Indonesian)

4th Saturday

  • 7.30pm (Tamil)


More timings >


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